Whet Your Cooking Prowess with Dish TV Cooking Active Service

While many of us drool at the sight of having a lavish gastronomical spread ahead of us, most of us shoo away from the idea of whipping up blades and spices in the kitchen. Cooking is an art that needs constant tweaking and finesse to master the art. Dish TV knows that we, as Indian audience, resort to television for most of our cooking tips, recipe ideas, and detailed recipe needs.

Considering that, Dish TV launched the country’s first “Cooking Active” service as a part of Dish TV plan and packages to let even the most amateur cooks to gain prowess and dish up a lavish spread in no time.

Learn smart cooking with Dish TV’s ‘Cooking Active” service by celebrity chefs from across the country including some prominent master chefs like Ranveer Brar, Aditya Bal, Ajay Chopra, Vicky Ratnani, and more.

Ranveer Brar

Putting India on the global culinary map, Chef Ranveer Brar took from the old streets of Lucknow, completed his HM degree, and took it to the skies with his cooking skills and his relentless love for food. The celebrated masterchef, however, feels that his roots of cooking are lying deep into the way his grandmother and mother used to cook in earthern pots, handis, and chullah.

Hone your cooking skills by learning from the Master Chef himself to cook appetizers, main course, and desserts across all cuisines. Subscribe to ‘Cooking Active’ service additional to your Dish TV plan and you’re all set to evoke envy in your friends with your cooking acumen.

Chef Ajay Chopra

Chef Ajay Chopra, the celebrated Executive Chef at Westin Mumbai and the host chef of many cooking shows online and on television, his life is all about creating, eating, and breathing soulful and delectable food. The celebrity chef holds Indian cuisine close to his heart always and hosts cooking shows on Dish TV’s ‘Cooking Active’ service to make its subscribers learn to cook a delicious three-course meal in no time.

Whether it’s for a house party or kids’ birthday celebration or the everyday cooking; Chef Ajay Chopra’s delectable choice of recipes is sure to blow your mind.

Chef Vicky Ratnani

On a mission to discover India through food and connecting people to the food that Indians have grown up eating, Chef Vicky Ratnani is a prominent name in the realm of cooking business. He is the man behind some successful Indian cooking shows like Vicky Goes Desi, Vickypedia, and Vicky Goes Veg. a household name that every urban and desi Indian recognises, Vicky Ratnani has now turned to Dish TV to make its subscribers learn the nuances of cooking, tips, and some amazing recipes.

Building a strong proposition of more than just a regular TV channel, Dish TV plans to add some more elementary active services to their kaleidoscope. Whether it’s about dish TV’s channel list and price or list of other Dish TV active services, keep scouring through Dish TV’s site to stay abreast with the new services and latest offerings.

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