What Millennial Workforce Looks for in a Commercial Office Space?

Life today is extremely fast and for the millennial workforce, it’s even tougher with long commute hours, managing personal and professional lives, managing kids while working mothers are out and much more. What they seek for in a workspace is some amenities and design standards that add value to their life and help them strike work-life balance.

When it comes to the essential features that millennial workforce looks for in a commercial office space in sector 48, Gurugram or Noida or elsewhere; there are certain value-added building amenities and facilities that make a world of difference. Leading commercial space solutions provider Candor TechSpace has single-handedly revolutionized the concept of modern workplaces that reek of pathbreaking amenities.

Here are some building amenities that are much desired by today’s millennial workforce and are a great pull factor:

Smart & Adequate Parking

What an employee, basically a millennial, wants from the office parking system is adequate space and some sort of technological advancement as far as parking is concerned. No employee wants to waste the crucial morning hours haggling to find a vacant parking spot and get late for the office.

What Candor TechSpace did in this area is absolutely incredible and a smart solution to the parking woes. They tied up with ‘Parkwheels’ to install a digitized parking system that helps employees find an empty parking spot when they’re few moments away from reaching the office building via a mobile app.

Candor did this across all its campuses in India including their building offering  commercial office space sector 48 Gurgaon and commercial places for rent in Kolkata.

Indoor & Outdoor Sports

For modern office spaces, playtime is as important as worktime and most corporates recognize that. To boost employee productivity, efficiency at work and to reduce work-related stress, Candor TechSpace introduced indoor sports arena in its Gurgaon campus. This arena offers indoor games like table tennis, foosball, pool and carrom that are ideal for all employees—whether they want to sharpen their reflexes, refine their tactics or simply spend some time away from office.

Compelling Building Design

Modern workforce is all about wanting a workspace that reeks of aesthetics and stunning design. Understanding and taking that want forward, most workplaces in Noida, Gurgaon and other metro cities put special emphasis on artistic designs at the workplace.

Candor TechSpace lent an artistic touch to its campuses by bringing in art to the workplace with feature paintings, installations or mixed medium artwork. They have exhibited curated work on display at Candor’s campuses in Sectors 21 and 48 of Gurugram.

Creche for Kids

Candor TechSpace understands how difficult it can get for working mothers to balance their professional lives and also manage their kids while they’re away at work. It brings immense sense of relief for working parents to have a professionally-managed child creche at workplace building so that they can focus peacefully at work.

Candor TechSpace has tie-ups with Ipsaa Day Care group and Footprints Child Care to run their creche centres in Candor’s campuses in Gurgaon and Noida. More than a basic infrastructure requirement, creche at workplace is as important as anything else for today’s millennial workforce who are staying in nuclear families.

Food Court with Boutique Offerings

A food court at workplace was earlier viewed as a basic infrastructure requirement that meant having a place for employees to sit and have their meals. Things changed and how! Food courts at modern workplaces like Candor TechSpace’s campus in sector 21 Gurugram boasts of a banquet-cum-conference block while still retaining its original image of a food court for employees.

What pulls the employees are more diverse options to eat, multiple restaurants offering different cuisines, and an interactive place that stimulates networking and reduces stress.

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