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Watcho Web Series That Are Too Good to Ignore

Watcho contains some of the best web series for you to check out if you are a fan of family-oriented shows. However, there is a whole lot more to the Watcho app than just family-oriented shows. There are several action-packed shows that you will get to stream whenever you start surfing through this OTT app. There is never a shortage of exciting content for the viewers to watch on this OTT powerhouse.

There are several web series in Hindi (and in other Indian languages as well) that the viewers will be able to stream when they start checking this app out. All of the viewers will get to something fresh and new on this app because this app contains several exciting pieces of video content for the viewers to watch, such as short films, web series, original music videos, etc.

Here are some of the best Watcho shows that are too good to ignore:


Bauchaar-E-Ishq’ is the best romantic-drama shows in India. The show deals with the chaos and confusion surrounding a typical Indian marriage. Also, the show deals with a typical Indian family’s obsession to get their children married. The first season of ‘Bauchaar-E-Ishq’ contains 9 episodes. Also, to spice up the matter a bit, the newly-wed couple finds a condom atop their wedding bed. They want to know how this condom reached their bed. So, they launch an investigation into the matter. Download Watcho and start watching this show right now if you want to watch a web show that’s hilarious, romantic and dramatic.


Happy’ is a romantic-thriller show available for streaming on the Watcho app. This show deals with a prominent chef’s obsession. He loves one of his students and wants to be with her. Along the way he commits a wide set of crime (both small and humongous) in order to make her feel happy. The first season of ‘Happy’ is comprised of eight (8) episodes. Watch this web series in Hindi if love stories dealing with passion and obsession are your thing. Rate this show on the IMDB app after watching it.

4 Thieves

4 Thieves’ is a 5-part series that is loaded with several twists and turns. All those who have a liking for new and exciting comedy-thriller shows can check out the first season of ‘4 Thieves’ without killing even a single minute. Gautam Parvi is the director of this popular comedy-thriller series on Watcho. The story is fast paced and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Over the years, ‘4 Thieves’ has gained a cult status among the fans and enthusiasts of the comic-thriller genre. The series is about a group of friends. They all come together to rob the warehouse of an art gallery exhibition (in order to become rich quickly). The heist is pulled off, but the story doesn’t end there. In fact, it is just the beginning.

The Morning Show

The Morning Show’ has been in the news for all the right reasons. All those who wish to treat their eyes to Ali Asghar’s exceptional comic timing can check this show out on Watcho right away. The show narrates the hilarious tale of a struggling actor who opens up a gym of his own because he nurtures a belief that all prominent actors and producers make their way to the gym in order to stay fit. Watch this hilarious Watcho original right away and keep the excitement levels high at all times.

Download the Watcho app and get ready to explore the best original pieces of video content on your smartphone. All you need is a working internet connection and you will be able to watch the best Indian web series in Hindi (and in various other Indian languages). Check out the Watcho app right now.

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