Long Weekend Travels and Reliable Roadside Assistance Plans!

This is precisely the time of the year when we have many long weekends coming up. Thanks to 2017, we have the privilege of enjoying many main festivities on weekdays and not weekends like 2016. Long weekends mean planning road trips, out and about to places that are, by far, away from home and promise to offer the solace of relaxing or adventure had been wanting to indulge into. But such weekend road trips also ask for proper planning, especially checking whether or not your vehicle is in a condition to take the long haul.

Budgeting for a good and reliable roadside assistance coverage company with car helpline services in Delhi and other major cities of the nation are crucial to ensure you have a safe and memorable trip. This is because, the last thing you want on your vacation is to get stranded in the middle of the road due to your vehicle breaking down, losing keys, failing to refuel the gas tank or meeting with an accident.

A good roadside assistance plan with all the basic coverages plays a vital role, especially when you’re away from home and people who could come to your rescue with just a text or phone call. Having a car assistance plan can help you get off your roadside misery within a couple of hours, allowing you to continue on your journey onwards and spend quality time with your friends or family, as you’d planned.

Now, another question that must come to your mind is – what are the basic services that your roadside assistance plan must offer or cover? For this, take a note of the following:-

  • 24×7 car towing services in Delhi and other cities of India
  • Assistance against lost or locked keys
  • Solving the fuel problem
  • Helping with a flat tire
  • Batter jumpstart service
  • Taxi service
  • Minor on-site repairs
  • Medical assistance, and
  • Relay of urgent messages to your family and/or friends

If your provider offers all these services and promises a prompt response to your requests, it’s the company to partner with.

So, when you’re planning for a vacation, packing clothes, food and money are not the only things, having a good roadside assistance plan with a good response time and network is also of utmost importance. Allianz Roadside Assistance is one name we’d suggest. It’s a global player and its services are far better than many known roadside assistance service providers in India.

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