Four Reasons that Make Chicco Baby Moments Range a Parent’s First Choice!

We understand that as a parent you are truly concerned about the health and wellness of your newborn. You keep a close tab on what goes into your baby’s body in terms of the food he eats and the skin products you use. But, are you sure your chosen baby care products are cent percent safe for your baby?

When you’re out and about in the market, you’ll find a plethora of brands offering the same range of products. However, not all of them speak of natural and organic ingredients. The importance of using non-toxic baby products does not resonate to or fall for an assumption that organic products are too costly. Fortunately, today, these offerings are available at budget-friendly prices and are a better option than their counterparts are.

Baby moments range by Chicco, one of the best and most trusted baby care brand in India, offers a complete range of mild and safe products for cleansing and protecting your little one’s skin against harmful pathogens, right from his first day of birth.


Specific Natural Ingredients

The products under the Baby Moments range feature special natural ingredients that ensure your baby’s skin remains hydrated, soft, and safe throughout the day. Each of these products are hypoallergenic & clinically tested that undergoes number of tests that ensure they are parabens, SLES, and SLS free, guaranteeing optimum respect for your baby’s delicate skin.

For Bathing Time

When you’re soaking your newborn in warm water for a cuddly bath, it’s important to ensure you use products that do not hurt his eyes, skin, cause dryness afterward and remove dirt efficiently. Chicco’s special “Bathtime and Moisturising” products speak of formulas that gently cleanse the skin, soothe and soften it to feel like a feather’s touch and at the same time, nourish it with ingredients that aid in his growth and development. Chicco’s Gentle Body Wash (with oats extract) swiftly cleans his delicate skin. Shampoo & Bath foam (with its pot marigold extracts) promise no more tears. And, Chicco’s soaps,  thanks to their formula with glycerine, are ideal for all skin types.

Time for a Nappy Change

Traditional baby nappies, made of synthetic and non-organic fibers make the skin dry, itchy and pave way for rashes to develop. During the first few months of his birth, make use of soft and irritation-free nappies offered by Chicco along with Cleansing Wipes (with aloe-vera & chamomile extracts) that clean his skin every time you change his nappy. The absorbent property of Chicco’s Talcum Powder, loaded with the richness of Zinc Oxide & phanthenol, refreshes the skin and keeps its velvety soft throughout his nappy wearing time. The range also speaks of special nappy time cleans that help keep rashes away, allowing him to enjoy in peace.

Something for the Skin

Your baby’s skin tends to become dry sooner than you think. To keep his skin moisturized all day long, use Chicco’s unique skin care creams. Its Body Lotions deeply nourish the skin and keep it hydrated to precisely the right levels. They also protect and reinforce the natural barrier of the skin and leave it lose to breathe easy. Cleansing Milk by Chicco is another exemplary skin care product that does the task for you. Loaded with the richness of Vitamin E and cotton extracts, this special formula cream bars the skin from losing its texture and become dry.

Cuddly Baby

After a joyous bath and unruly nappy change comes the concluding pleasantly scented moment – the gentle and fresh beauty treatment for a cuddly bath that makes him smell good and ready for the day! Baby moments range offers three different types of Eau de Cologn.

The key to keeping your baby healthy and in the pink of his health, especially during the early years of his life is choosing the right baby care products. We vote for Chicco’s Baby Moments range! What about you?

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