Bonaire – a diving paradise with an amazing reef lined coast!

If you are a diving enthusiast looking for a scuba diving or snorkeling paradise, Bonaire must be on your must visit list!  The particularly beautiful coral reefs around Bonaire, with its rich diversity of marine life are unique to the Caribbean. It is world famous as a top dive site and it will remain so as long as the reef is protected. The shallow terraces are a true paradise for snorkelers and divers. Bonaire’s Marine Park offers over 80 named dive sites, and is home to over 57 species of coral and more than 350 fish species. On the leeward side of the island there are many places where it is easy to walk into the blue Caribbean waters from a vast selection of rental cars on Bonaire.

We recommend the following top three dive sites in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean:

1. White Hole: The edge of the 12 meter deep hole has the healthiest coral in the Caribbean, and that means that there is much to see. Between the rich diversity you can see the biggest Snappers, Grunt, and Moray Eels. The surface is completely white sand, creating a dreamy atmosphere.
2. Angel City: Under the water here you can see huge brain coral and many species of fish. It is located between two reefs, this dive a little deeper with a strip of sand at 18 meters. If you go a little further south, you can also spot a school of Jacks.
3. Fungi: However, the eastern side of the island is definitely worth diving one more time, this is only possible by boat. Here’s the place to see some bigger animals in the ocean, you will see several eagle rays, sting rays and turtles up close. Something really special to experience.

Bonaire is a beautiful island that has a lot of the offer, look here for a colorful insider look.

Of course, Bonaire island is well known for its spectacular marine life, but it also takes pride in a number of impressive national parks. The National Park Washington Slagbaai covers 1/3 of the island. The mangrove area in the east is a particularly important ecosystem for the uninhabited Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, which is also a national park. At least 180 species of birds can be spotted. And then there are the beautiful unspoiled spectacular caves with stalagmites and stalactites, a home for various species of bats.

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