How do I Become an Australian Permanent Resident?

One of the top countries to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) Visa is Australia. It has got different Visa categories to provide permanent residency to selected candidates.

In order to apply for Australia permanent residency visa, you have to go through point based immigration system of Australia. It confirms your eligibility for Australia PR Visa on the basis of the points you score in selection criteria i.e. age, language skill, education, work experience etc.

Let us talk about the important features of PR in .e. its benefits, requirements and diverse visa categories. If you are wondering, what could be the benefits you may get being a PR in Australia?

Then, let’s see the significant benefits of the PR in Australia.

Significant Benefits of Australia PR

The rights and privileges provided to a permanent resident of Australia are:

(1) You are able to live and work in Australia forever.

(2) You can frequently go out and come in Australia using VISA in the first period of five years.

(3) After that, you can renew it if you meet the requirements.

(4) When you have spent beginning years on permanent residency status, you will be able to apply for citizenship.

(5) Permanent resident in Australia can enjoy access to free or subsidized legal and health services just like an Australian citizen.

(6) Your children born in Australia will also be Australian citizens by birth.

Requirements for Australia PR

The procedure for getting PR in Australia is a combination of online and offline activities. First, we find out the crucial Australia PR requirements:

(1) Organize vital documents: At the beginning, organize the vital documents needed to apply for PR in Australia. In addition to the routine educational and travel documents, the 2 chief documents required are:

  • English Language Proficiency Test Outcome (IELTS)
  • Skill Assessment report by relevant assessing authority.

(2) Select Proper Visa: You have to select the proper PR Visa category to apply. Some of the most frequent PR visa categories are: Subclass 189 (Non-sponsored visa), Subclass 190 (State Nominated Visa), Subclass 186 (employer nominated visa) etc.

(3) Choose an Occupation from SOL: Once the pertinent visa is chosen, you have to decide an occupation from the skilled occupation list (SOL). If you apply for non-sponsored visa i.e. subclass 189 visa, you have to decide the occupation from Australia SOL. But if you apply for a state nominated visa i.e. subclass 190 visas, you have to decide an occupation from SOL of that particular state of Australia.

(4) Submit application in point based system: Now, it’s time to submit your application in the point based system of Australia. Submit Expression of Interest (EOI) in the online Skill Select system of Australia for profile details.

You will get points for your each profile factor. Your collective score should be at least 60 points for application. Now, you have to wait for the reply from authorities. If they select your profile, you will be invited to apply for Australia PR.

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