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Top 4 Trends In Digital Marketing To Watch

Digital marketing is no longer a thing of the future. Digital is being used to leverage brand perception and positioning across the globe. Think of marketing and digital will be the first thing to come to mind. Moving on, various aspects of Digital marketing have witnessed an upward trend in recent times.

Come 2020, people providing digital marketing services can be seen targeting specific social media and digital channels in order to reach out to certain segments of the population (target audience). This, in all fairness, is just one part of the digital marketing story.

Here are a few interesting trends that seem to have emerged in recent times. Take a look at them:

A Tinge of Personal Touch in Email Marketing Does Wonders

If you are planning to go digital, then make sure you take email marketing a bit more seriously because most of your target audience out there spends a considerable amount of time checking emails on their smartphones and tablets. Also, it is to be noted that those providing digital marketing services need to focus on personalization rather than automation. Well, that is because computer-generated mails aren’t as effective as they once used to be. Nobody has the time and patience to go through an email unless it is interesting and has something valuable for the customer.

Instagram is a Hit with the Youngsters

It is a given fact that various social media channels are being used by marketers to influence consumer behaviour. Talk of influencing the youngsters and Instagram will be the first thing to come to mind. Take this for an example: if you are dealing with brands related to fashion, then you need to showcase everything in the best way possible (big and bold). If you work for one of the creative agencies in Gurgaon, then you will be well aware of the importance of banking on a wide range of social media platforms, including Instagram.

Micro Content Does Matter

Yes, this is the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind before creating contant for the online audience. Well, it goes without saying that the attention spans of the audience are declining at a rate of knots. This means nobody has the time and patience to go through a 1000-word long piece of content (a comprehensive write-up of sorts.).

So, in order to retain the attention of your audience, you need to be able to put forth in your idea as concisely as possible. Just give them a gist in a line or two and pair it up with a video or an infographic to make it look a bit interactive. This is exactly how you can make the most of your social media presence.

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