Smokelab Vodka Vodka Brand

SmokeLab Vodka Brings You The Best Vodka Experience

SmokeLab Vodka is a popular vodka brand in India that is enjoyed by all those who have a taste for Indian-style vodka. If the idea is to enjoy a mouth-watering vodka experience, then SmokeLab is a brand that should never be ignored. All those who have a taste for rice-based vodka can give this vodka brand a try without fail. Its rich taste is something the drinker will never be able to forget.

To put things simply, SmokeLab Vodka is known for its taste and flavour. The aniseed variant is loved by those who want to enjoy a great time over the weekend and/or a nice holiday. Make it a point to try the aniseed variant out if you wish to try out something fresh and unexplored.

Here is why SmokeLab Vodka is a popular brand in the world of liquor:

It’s Lively and Strong

Yes, Smoke Vodka is one of the fieriest spirits in India. Well, it is because this vodka is made using 40-50% alcohol content. This means it is a fairly strong spirit that is a must-have for all the liquor lovers out there. Vodka is nothing but alcohol. This means it is just about perfect for you if you want to enjoy a lively party. Plus, add anything you like to your favourite Smoke Vodka and turn it into a cocktail. Moreover, water has a major role to play in the concoction of vodka.

It’s Made Using Rice

Yes, this vodka brand makes use of locally-sourced Basmati rice to make fresh and flavourful vodka. Now, basmati rice is one of the most popular crops in the country. Rice-based vodka is loaded with flavour. Plus, as rice is consumed quite frequently in the country, Indians would certainly not mind consuming vodka made of Basmati rice. It has this distinct flavour that is enjoyed by the average Indian drinker. All those who want to explore the best Indian vodka can give SmokeLab a try.

The Best Cocktail Beverage

All those who want to enjoy a flavourful cocktail can try out a variant of SmokeLab Vodka. Pair it up with anything, right from cola to lime juice, and you will be able to enjoy a great time at home with friends and family. Also, the good thing about a cocktail is: the actual alcohol content in a cocktail is fairly low. Well, that is because there are several other juices and spirits that come into the picture while making the best vodka cocktail. So, it can be said that vodka is best enjoyed with a wide range of snacks.

SmokeLab is a name associated with quality. The brand has been distilling vodka for over a couple of decades. This means they are the doyens when it comes to refining and distilling vodka. Enjoy India’s top vodka and have a great time at home. Get Smoke Vodka and explore the finest vodka-drinking experience ever.

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