How to Hire a Veteran Landscape Architect for Off-Plan development?

If you think your home is just a place to rest your head at night, think again! It’s where you celebrate holidays, raise your children, meet family milestones and so much more. When returning home after a tiring day’s work, it must be with good feelings rather than lazy promises and the dull weekend routine after Friday night!

All of this is only possible if your yard don’t look like an overgrown forest and lest it does, you’ll probably weed, mulch, scrub, mow and organise the lawn which ought to turn your weekend into a disaster.

What’s worse is that you’d probably end up ruining the entire thing not being an expert so the best way is seeking professional help. The details provided here would familiarise you with different landscapers for off plan properties as per need and how to hire them.

Let’s first analyse skills of professional landscapers, their certifications along with terms and conditions of the contract before you hire them.

Type of landscapers

The first step is identifying the company dealing with off plan properties you’ll eventually hire and here’s a breakdown you might be interested in!


  • Architects

They actually plan and design the land. You’ve to relay your demands, discuss your requirement, budget and they’ll help in choosing the appropriate plants and materials. They’ll also ensure you’re your looks impressing all year long!

  • Designers

Landscape designer and architect job duties are almost similar except that these designers usually don’t have any academic degree in their respective field.

  • Contractors

Their duty is to incorporate features such as soil, vegetation, fences, stones, walkways, water elements and more.

  • Managers

They help maintaining the entire landscape because this isn’t any ignorable seasonal project. If you’ve trouble with the regular maintenance, a manager is a must to hire!

  • Horticulturist

They’re plant experts and if yours aren’t blooming, infested with pests or dull due to arid climate, might as well work closely with a horticulturist. They’ll also coordinate with the designers and architects in developing the garden

  • Arborists

Cleaning, planting, pruning and taking good care of trees are duties of an arborist. They’re well aware of fertilisation and nutritional needs as well as bracing supporting and cabling recently implanted trees. Make sure your aborist holds a certification from the International Society of Arboriculture but the institution can vary per countries.

Irrespective of the landscaping essentials, there’re two factors you must sort out by talking to potential contractors. The first is to devise a budget and keep it flexible for possible changes in material quality plus various other aspects.

What to look in a landscaper for off plan properties?

  • A solid reputation

Online customer reviews are always helpful to get the best service there is! Another way to locate that particular company which might just suit you is eyeing in the neighbourhood yard. Query homeowners about the design and construction details. Believe it; they’ll get super excited hearing optimistic comments about the yard.

  • A portfolio that talks

Let the company’s past work be your guide to choose. However, do remember that good work isn’t always displayed on the wall but let the portfolio speaks its language. Instead of that traditional “wow” factor, look for jobs you’re interested in. For instance, if any company don’t have water features with their landscape architecture and planning service, it mightn’t be the best choice!

  • Specialisation

Check specialisation that may differ with different agronomic companies based on your interest and project requisites. It’s possible a firm have various teams that you can hire as a complete package, taking care of all the landscaping needs.

  • Local experience

You might as well approach local businesses instead of the big brands because these small ones are accustomed to the microclimate factors, local laws and regulation. They’ll ensure that the plant species would survive in the long run and your lawn keeps flourishing.

Carefully review the contract, clarify any confusion and negotiate the budget before taking initials. This would definitely help in finding the right landscaping expert for off plan properties as well as for developed units!

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