Buying a Plot: What Residential Plots Dealer Did Not Tell U?

Buying a plot and constructing a home on it is a dream for many of us. So, when I told my parents that I am looking for a plot to construct a home, they were more than happy, something they did not show when I invested in flat.

Purchasing a piece of land of land is becoming an extremely complicated issue, specifically when it comes to the outright corruption surrounding the offers including making bogus paperwork, demand for half pay in cash as well as concerns of disputed land sales. Therefore, it may be prepared to purchase a large piece of property to develop your very first house; you need to be particularly careful and also complete. Hence, I approached residential plot dealers in Nagpur for an advice.

As well, the measures and methods can be totally different from buying an apartment as well as therefore need a cautious evaluation before starting out on the track.


  1. Title Deed: A title deed is “a legal document proves a person’s right to property” as defined by a law dictionary.  Make sure the title deed is in the name of the seller and he has all rights to sell it. Ensure that you go through all the original documents and not just a copy of it. Sometimes, the seller might have taken a loan and given in the original deed to the financial institution. Verify that seller has all the rights to sell the land. Also get it reviewed by an experienced advocate so that there are no loopholes.
  2. Encumbrance Certificate: An encumbrance documents prove that the land under consideration is free of charge from any specific financial and also lawful obligations. It is actually proof that the land could be traded as a free title along with the possession can come to you with no related his really is a document you will be able to get from the registration authority’s office.It will be the assurance that the land you will be going to purchase is obvious associated with the lawful charges and also possesses a marketable title.
  3. APPROVED LAYOUT PLANS: The layout blueprints need to be validated by the proper planning government bodies. Property buyers need to have workout caution since you will find instances in which developers deviated from the authorized layouts.
  4. PROPERTY TAX RECEIPTS AND BILLS: Obtain the originals once again to make sure all of the payments due are actually made because this can easily lead to lawful problems and expenses later on.
    Besides in these types of transactions, you have to additionally verify that the debts on the property are repaid with a discharge document given by the bank.
  5. In the case of “Pledged Land”: Many people could have pledged their property in the past for to take a loan. Therefore, it might be prudent to make sure that all of the bank loan repayments are actually made and not a single sum is debt. Demand, the owner to produce the “Release Certificate” from the loan provider that is needed to discharge all of the liabilities over the land legitimately.
  6. Measure the land: Obtain an acknowledged surveyor to evaluate the property and also observe that the measurements, area, boundaries etc . are precise as per the owner.
  7. If there is more than one owner: If there is more than one owner, it would be wise to get a “release certificate” from every owner involved in the property before going ahead with the buying.
  8. If the owner is an NRI: If the owner of the land is an NRI, then the seller in India has “Power Of Attorney” to sell the land on behalf of the NRI.

Checklist of documents:

  • Title Deed.
  • 7/12 document.
  • Encumbrance certificate for last 30 years.
  • Release Certificate from a bank and other owners of the property.
  • Property tax receipt and other bills.

Now as you are aware what to ask from your property dealer. Always go with professional plot dealers who can help you better with documentation. This will also save you a lot of time and energy.



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