Chicco’s Trikes Range – For Improving his Motor Skills and Confidence!

As babies grow up, they become more and more curious. While they start exploring their surroundings, they need your help to develop coordination, balance and strength. The Chicco Move ‘n’ Grow range is designed to help you in this journey while also enhancing your baby’s motor skills and their confidence. The Move ‘n’ Grow range includes tricycles suitable for kids from 18 months to 5 years of age.

Some of the interesting features of these tricycles are:-

  • Push and Go – Adjustable telescopic handle makes it easier for parents to push and guide the child.
  • Free Pedalling – The telescopic handles are removable, allowing the baby to pedal freely.
  • Safety and Comfort – The seats of these tricycles feature safety belts for safety and security of the baby.
  • Storage – The tricycles also come with storage compartment(s) that can be used for storing things.
  • Metal Body – Tricycles in this range have metal bodies, which make them sturdy and durable.
  • Locking System – The system aids in locking the front-end wheels of the tricycle and allowing it stay fixed to its position.

Let’s explore the Move ‘n’ Grow range:-

U-Go Ducati – A stylish Ducati licensed tricycle by Chicco. It’s a perfect toy for kids who are chirpy and pro-active.

U-Go Trike – A stylish tricycle with a modern,  sporty looks. The tricycle is available in two variants – pink and unisex.

Pelican Trike 2 in 1 – An amusing tricycle that features a pelican face and pedals in the shape of paws. Different looking, it’s ideal for kids who love cartoon characters.

Go ahead and choose a tricycle for your kid, which will help him in exploring the world during his initial growth phase.

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