4 Accessories That Will Make Your Drone More Enjoyable

If you have checked the recent camera drones reviews, you must have come across DJI phantom 4 as one of the top quad copters. It comes with numerous qualities and features like obstacle avoidance, dynamic flight control, super high video recording definition (4K), among others. The prolific drone would be incomplete without the following accessories.

  1. Smartphone or tablet

The camera drone augurs well with a broad spectrum of smartphones and IPads. You will be able to control the flights remotely with a mobile device. You need to figure out the most compatible device to use and ask for professional assistance if you are a novice. The best device is that which fits into the transmitter easily and with fast and flawless software.

  1. SD memory card

The drone comes with a 16GB SD card but you need more storage capacity if you want to enjoy footages of a 4K camera. The 16GBs can only accommodate 30 minutes video, so, you might run out of memory even if the battery charge is still high. Extra memory means that your aerial videos will be secured without going through the trouble of finding external storage now and then.

  1. Carbon fiber propellers

The quad copter has a tremendous collision avoidance mechanism, but you still need extra protection to reduce crashing risk. The factory-built propellers might get distorted during flights and this will reduce the performance. Extra props will ensure that you don’t suffer a downtime. Carbon fiber is tough and keeps off dust, insects, and is scratch free. So, your blades remain safe.

  1. ND camera filters

If you want a state-of-the-art camera for your phantom 4, you have to equip it with high end accessories that give quality footages. ND filters act as shades that minimize amount of light when the sun is very bright. This enables you capture seamless videos free of jerks.

You must have liked the DJI phantom 4 review before you settled for it. Now what you need is the above mentioned things to ensure that your massive investment is secure and fun.


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