5 Tips for Renting a Car in New York City

Going for car rental in NYC can cost you a bomb if you don’t know the ‘local’ way of doing it. Several parameters govern why it’s not a good idea to own a car in the city, such as costly parking, easy availability of transportation, and very few places where you can actually park without getting a ticket. However, if you ask a New Yorker, he will most likely tell you that he regularly rents a car, and doesn’t pay so much for it. But how do they really manage to secure it?

Several New Yorkers, when asked, had similar reviews to share about how they manage to go for car rental in NYC without paying as much. The following points describe how they actually do it:

  • Many of them get their rental cars from New Jersey: New Jersey is the closest city from where you can get a car at a much lower price than what you would generally get from a car rental provider in NYC. Most of the New Yorkers do this themselves.

  • They reserve their car rental in NYC well in advance: It’s a well-known practice that paying for something days or weeks in advance can save a lot of money. The same goes for car rental too. Many providers that offer car rental in NYC often have their bookings reserved for several days in advance. The ones who do it the first always end up with a better deal than the rest who come around later.

  • New Yorkers take their rental cars from outside the airport: Those arriving via airport always have the tendency to get a car rental from within airport premises. However, by stepping a few miles away from it, they can find hefty price cuts in the prices. It’s always advisable to rent a car from somewhere else, and never from the airport unless it’s really urgent.

  • They go for city car shares by paying car rental on hourly basis: Many companies that offer car rental services in NYC woo their customers by offering them the option to rent the car on an hourly basis. Not all people know this, but going with these options is always a better option than renting a car for the entire day, especially when you need the car for only a few hours.

  • They use rental deals and coupons regularly: Internet comes to the rescue just about everywhere. You can also use it to find some coupons that can get you great deals on car rental in NYC. You must always try to do it every time you can before renting a car.

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