Of Love, Togetherness and Heartbreak: 4 Reasons That Make ‘A Star is Born’ A Hit

A Star is Born, starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, garnered a lot of praise from fans and critics alike at the time of its release (in 2018). The screenplay was adapted from the 1976 film of the same name. The movie is noted for its exceptional soundtrack along with the performances of Cooper and Lady Gaga. ‘A Star is Born’ appealed to the youngsters, primarily because of its hit soundtrack and an exceptionally heart-touching storyline.

This movie runs quite frequently on TV these days. Those wanting to watch a heart-touching love story if with countless shades of anger, frustration, pain and ignominy can go for this one. Buy a Dish TV set top box and watch this movie on TV like never before.

Here are a few reasons to watch the movie:

An ‘Imperfect’ Love Story

‘A Star is Born’ is one of the best romantic movies made in recent times. Ornamenting the story is a wide range of emotions, right from innocence to tribulation. The movie has a number of heart-warming scenes and sequences that will stay with the viewers for a long-long time. Tall of the emotions have been captured with the utmost skill, so much so that the viewers will believe in the story right from the word go. Those wanting to watch something multilayered and emotional should definitely go for this movie.

Lady Gaga, and Lady Gaga Alone

Lady Gaga delivers a heart-wrenching performance in this 2018 movie. Her eyes narrate stories of fragility, love, trust and togetherness. Those planning to watch the movie won’t be able to take their eyes off her. A considerable degree of fragility can be seen engulfing her from all possible sides. The songs escaping her lips are pleasing to the ears and her on-screen presence is no less than a treat to the eyes. Buy a Dish TV set top box and enjoy her Oscar-worthy performance like never before.

A Refreshing Change

Unlike Bollywood, Hollywood isn’t known for producing and directing romantic movies. The movie comes across as a refreshing change from the superhero genre. The movie has a range of emotions that will keep the viewers hooked and guessing. Those wanting a refreshing change from the superhero genre can give this movie a try. It will appeal to all those who wish to watch something fresh and lively. Check out the best of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in this romantic drama film.  Buy a Dish TV set top box and check out the various English movie channels on TV in HD picture quality and surround. This movie might as well be running on TV these days.

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