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Movies and More: Some Things to Consider While Going for Zeeplex

Zeeplex is the brand-new movies-on-demand service that lets the viewers watch some exciting new movies in HD. The service can be availed after paying a premium of INR 299 in order to acquire a new movie. All those looking to watch brand-new Bo0llywood and regional movies can go for the Zeeplex channel because it is tailor-made for all movie lovers.

The Zeeplex channel lets the users avail movies on rent. However, the users need to keep a few things in mind while renting movies. Here, take a look:

  • First of all, the users and subscribers need to log into their Zee5 account in order to avail a movie on rent.
  • Zeeplex channel movies can only be rented using the Zee5 app
  • These movies aren’t available for download
  • All purchases cannot be refunded
  • These movies are part of the premium subscription
  • All of the new movies in HD available on Zeeplex can be played using the Zee5 app or the smart TV
  • In case the rental period has expired, the users will have to purchase the movie again in order to watch it
  • Gift cards and coupons are not available with a Zee5 subscription

The Validity of the rental:

Once the user has purchased a movie, they can watch it within a period of 2 days. Also, once a movie has been played, the users can watch it within six (6) hours.  The rented movies can be watched by the users using the Zee5 app as well.

New movies in HD can be rented with Zeeplex by following the steps mentioned below:

  • First and foremost, you need to log into the Zee5 account you have. Create one if you happen to be a new user.
  • Select the Zeeplex option on top of the website
  • Check out all of the movies that are available
  • Select the ‘rent’ option to rent the movie of your choice
  • In case you are not logged in, the page would redirect to the login window.
  • Once the login details are filled, you will be redirected to the payment options
  • Make the payment and the movie of your choice would be made available to you.
  • If the payment is successful, then you will get a confirmation message that’d detail out the contents of your purchase along with its rental validity
  • You can either choose the watch now option or the watch later option as per your needs and requirements
  • Start watching the movie and have a good time with friends and family without having to step out of your comfort zones.

The Devices Supported:

  • The Zeeplex channel service is available on devices supporting Android OS 7 and its upper versions.
  • The channel is also supported BY Patchwall (1.0.2) and its upper versions on Xiaomi TV.
  • Supported by Tizen OS 2.4 and its upper versions on Samsung TV
  • Supported by WebOS 3.0 and its upper versions (not WebOS 5.0) on LG TV
  • Supported by all versions of the Amazon Fire Stick

Point to be noted:

Once the users have availed the movie on rent after making the payment, the amount is non-refundable.

Which all movies are available on the Zeeplex channel at present:

As of October 2, there are a couple of movies available on Zeeplex. One of them is ‘Khaali Peeli’, a crime-comedy movie starring youngsters Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khattar. The second movie available is ‘Ka Pae Ranasingam’, which is an engaging and enthralling political thriller starring Vijay Sethupathi, a proven name in the Tamil film industry, while Aishwarya Rajesh plays his loving and caring wife.

Make it a point to go for the Zeeplex channel along with a Dish TV DTH service. Dish TV DTH is the most trusted DTH service in India, and is used by countless subscribers. All viewers who wish to enjoy all of the brand-new movies in HD on their TV screens. In simple words: Zeeplex and Dish TV DTH are the two things needed by hardcore movie lovers to make their stay @ home special and memorable.


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