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Micro Content and Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

The online content creation industry has witnessed some significant changes in the pattern of online content consumption. The online audience does not want plain, bland, long and tasteless pieces of content. They want something that is of interest to them. Also, the marketers are looking for crisper pieces of content in order to capture the imagination of the online audience. This is where micro content comes into the picture.

Micro content, in the simplest of terms, refers to the tiny bits and pieces of content that you find online. It can be anything as small as a Tweet or a 4 liner posted on Linkedin. Online advertising agencies in Gurgaon are on the lookout for some interesting ways to present micro content. Here is why micro content is of so much importance in 2020.

Keep it Short or go Home:

It goes without saying that the attention spans of the online audience are going downhill with each passing day. Under such circumstances, it is important for the marketers to provide the online audience with something that is concise, crisp, clear, and can be understood easily and quickly. Spending 15 minutes of your precious time in order to understand a write-up is perhaps the last thing you want.

Just Want the Gist of the Matter?

The thing is: nobody has the time and patience to understand a 1000-word long piece of text. Cut it down to about 100-150 words and you will be able to attract a lot of people to it. Moving on, beating around the bush is not the way to do it. Just say what you want to say (in the simplest of words) and leave the rest to your audience. This is exactly what the various web designing companies in India are practicing at present.

Keeping it ‘Cool’

Using a few interesting GIFs, infographics, video snippets, memes, etc. Make your website look much more ‘fun’ and exciting. Memes help bring an element of lightheartedness into the picture. This is something that will certainly excite the youngsters visiting your website and social media handles.

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