Tips to Boost Your Post Engagement on Social Media

Many brands wonder what are the best strategies to sell more through social networking. Converting visits and leads into real clients goes through an important factor, which is often overlooked by analysts and professionals in the field: increasing engagement in social networks. Much more than simple tastings and comments, good engagement rates reflect, above all, the existence of a real relationship with the brand public. Engagement is the result of the influence and the true interaction between the brand and the users.

When a brand is able to get its followers to engage with the page to the point of being told to other users, whether on the shares or in the comments, it can celebrate because it has earned that user’s trust. Here is a simple formula:

Reach = Engagement = Conversion

The greater the ability to reach a qualified audience in social networks, the greater the potential for channel engagement and hence conversion. It is precisely because of this “bond” created between brand and followers that many companies are able to leverage their sales when they invest in ads and sponsored posts on their business pages. If you’ve come this far, you must be wondering how to increase engagement in social networks, right? In fact, there is no formula ready to achieve such a feat, but with the below mentioned tips will explain below, you will certainly increase the involvement of your users.

1. Know who your audience is (make buyer people)

You will never be able to produce highly engaging content without knowing exactly who your audience is. And here we are not just talking about average age, gender or location. You will need to know what their preferences are, their hobbies, their personal and professional challenges, which makes their eyes shine. It’s these “details” that will allow you to choose the right language on social networks, as well as the format and themes of your posts! Even your jokes can be more assertive!

Remember: a good strategy in social media requires the need to know your target audience. As the profile of the consumer public is traced, it becomes easier to devise assertive strategies in social media to motivate the interest of these users.

2. Prioritize content quality

Quality is better than quantity. Always keep this in mind when producing your content for social networks. There are brands that only prioritize the large number of posts in the media, but forget to enrich content and, most importantly, fail to customize it. The content needs to be adapted to the profile of your audience, always being a reflection of the quality of your brand.

3. Interact with users (after all, the idea is to increase engagement in social networks, right?)

One of the best ways to establish a good relationship with your followers (and consumers) is to interact with them! Replying comments, returning tanned, attending groups and forums where your audience is being good ways to do this on networks.

Brands should provide content that users identify with, encouraging their participation, and generating comments and sharing. Some formats, more interactive, also guarantee great rates of engagement: polls, contests, lives, suggestion requests, among others. Also invest in SAC 2.0, responding to users who request information or who wish to ask questions and make suggestions.

4. Use videos

In networks such as Facebook and Instagram, videos have taken up space and are by far the content format that engenders more engagement. This happens, in the first place, because videos have a wider reach. The network algorithm understands that because users like and interact more with videos, they should appear as a priority on their timeline. This is great for you! Remember the formula up there? More reach = more engagement = more conversions.

So, enjoy the short videos – hello, Instagram Stories! To advertise your products and services in a relaxed way, also showing the backstage of your company. Remember: the closer to your followers, the greater their engagement.

5. Measure actions and results

It’s no use developing a strong strategy if you do not have the means to know how your engagement in social networks is. Measuring posts and ad campaigns will help you gauge the performance of your posts, and of course, whether the content you’ve posted is engaging your users’ real interest, driving more leads or more conversions.

So, do not hesitate to create custom reports for this task! From there you’ll be able to outline new strategies, investing in your most engaged posts, creating new content formats for those themes, and of course extending that strategy to your site.

6. Show that your brand has content

The public is getting more and more demanding as thousands of information vie for your attention on the screen. Therefore, along with the news about your brand, select interesting news, tips and instructions, teach something or bring really new information so that the web surfer will not only see the post but also share it on their networks. Analyze if the publications will add something to the public and always keep an eye on issues of opportunity, such as commemorative dates or viral blog posts circulating on the internet.

7. Choose the right time

The right content only works if it’s posted at the right time, otherwise it gets lost in the network feed. There is some research that indicates the highest audience ratings in each network for each audience profile. Research and analyze the best time to reach yours. Do not forget to click on the timeline, you can leave the publication scheduled in specific programs for this purpose.

8. Discover the right way to communicate

Even if you post interesting content on time, it will not reach your audience if you do not speak their language. Objectivity and clarity are slogans for posts on social networks. Train your power of conciseness without being superficial, abuse your creativity and use the imperative in moderation to invite your followers to take action, be it to access your website, post a comment, and more.


If a company is out of social networks, it may be closing doors for many opportunities. Having a Facebook page, a profile on Twitter or Instagram, for example, is no longer a question of innovation but to mark your presence in the social media where your audience is. However, it is not enough to be in the networks but to be well positioned in them.

A lot of people think it’s just creating the account for the company and that’s it, but it’s not like that. You need to be able to manage the profiles on a daily basis, drawing the audience’s attention so that it engages and interacts with you. How to do this? If you can hire a social media manager or a great social media marketing agency. But if you are the one who will face the task, know that there are some tricks. Let’s expert tips for you to bring your audience ever closer!

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