What is a Leased Line and Its Benefits

Leased Line Means

Experts defined leased line as a kind of private telecommunication line, which has a bidirectional or symmetric face.

Thus, it is a fixed bandwidth used for connecting two locations together. The first location is related to corporate offices and the second one is used by another corporate office, which is connected to the internet or data. There is no requirement of telephone number and each side gets permanently connected to the other one.

An internet leased line is generally required for business purpose in order to connect geographically distant offices. It is always active, unlike others dial up connections.

We use internet for our daily purposes, home or office use. We also face interrupted internet connection problem. This problem is experienced by lots of users. In office environment, we need continuous internet broadband connection to work efficiently.

Leased line connection is high speed, continuous internet supply, private, reliable way of internet source. This connection normally costly than broadband connection.

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