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How to Get the Best DTH Connection for Your Family?

Many people in India prefer local cable connection for TV entertainment. DTH connections are rapidly growing in both urban and rural areas. Dish TV is one of the best DTH connection in India.  They offer regional language channels in Tamil, Telegu, Punjabi, etc. Check out the key parameters of choosing a DTH or cable connection for your home:

Set-top box

The set-top box of digital cable providers uses MPEG-2 broadcasting technology. It comes with a 1-year warranty. In this case, the quality of the set-top box is average. The set-top box uses MPEG-4 broadcasting technology. It comes with a 1-year warranty. The in-built hardware is of great quality. To subscribe to DTH HD packages, get the DishNXT HD set-top box.


There are two types of cable networks- Analog and digital cable. Digital Cable broadcasts its channels via Digital Fibre Optic and Coaxial Cables. Every consumer needs to have a Set Top Box installed to receive digital channels. DTH technology broadcasts via geostationary satellites directly to the house of the customers.

Audio/ Visual quality

Digital cable broadcasts superior quality of picture and sound compared to the analog cable network. Digital cable has a large bandwidth, which enables broadcast of more channels with lesser compression. In the DTH network, the picture and sound quality are excellent. It broadcasts both standard definition and high definition picture quality. The quality depends on the type of compression technology used by the DTH provider.


The set-top box of cable TV costs around Rs.1000/-, which includes installation charges. The mode of payment for most cable TV networks is postpaid. The set-top boxes of all leading DTH companies cost around Rs 1600/- which includes installation charges. The HD set-top boxes are priced at a higher range. The mode of payment for DTH networks is prepaid. Cable operators charge Rs 100/- for their economic and basic packages and Rs 200/- to 250/- for all the channels, depending on the area of connection. The basic packages of most of the DTH providers start from Rs 150/- onwards.

Variety of channels

Cable TV operators provide more channels compared to DTH providers. However, the focus of cable TV networks is on regional channels. DTH providers have started promoting south Indian and other regional language channels in Tamil, Telegu, and Malayalam to its customers.


Cable TV operators do not offer 24/7 customer care and portability services. In this case, the time required for grievance redressal is much more. The service and response to customer grievances of most of the DTH companies are quick. They offer 24/7 customer care to address most of the problems within a short period. The quality of after-sales service varies from one DTH company to another.

Live TV

Cable TV operators do not give any recording service of live TV. DTH providers offer to record the live TV at no extra cost. It requires you to buy a set-top box with inbuilt storage capacity. You can also check the channel schedule on a channel, in advance.

Based on this checklist, you can choose a new DTH connection for your family entertainment.

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