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How is Good Customer Service Defined?

A lot has already been said (and written) about customer service and experience. A BPO call centre executive is always on the lookout for alternatives to provide the customers with the best service. All those who have worked in a BPO setup in the past would be well aware of the fact that customer service is all about providing a customer with a desired set of solutions (as asked by the customer/caller in order to put his present set of worries to rest.

There are several call centre executives who have been working endlessly to provide the customers with the best customer experience. Well, customer service is all about providing the customers and callers with a reliable solution to their product or service-related problems and issues.

However, providing a solution is not the only thing that a BPO call centre executive does:

Customer Service is All About Listening

The art of listening will take you a long way if you are planning to provide the customers with a rich and exciting customer experience. The key is to listen to the customer/caller thoroughly. In this way, you will be able to understand the problem that your customers and callers happen to be facing. Listen to them before you come out all guns blazing with your opinions and suggestions. First of all, make it a point to listen to what the customer has to say.

It is the Experience That Counts

It is always the experience that counts. In all fairness, customer experience is always intangible. This means it can only be felt (and not touched). Almost all customers want to be heard when they contact a BPO call centre executive in order to get a problem solved.  If the problem is solved (and if the experience is good) then a customer’s experience is bound to be good. Also, have multiple communication channels in place because customers across different age groups tend to use different communication platforms. Some might use the likes of Facebook and Instagram whilst some might use the conventional telephone.

Customer Service is an Ongoing Process

Yes. All those who have been in the business of customer experience and business process outsourcing would be well aware of the fact that customer experience is an ongoing process. A BPO professional will have to make follow-up calls to the customer/caller if the problem does not get sorted in a single go. Also, you have to keep yourself patient and cool-headed while you are listening to the customer. Also, it is very important to provide the customer with a customised solution to their problems. Well, that is because the problems faced by no two customers is the same.

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