How to choose the right sanitary ware suppliers?

It seems that you are searching the web to know more about 5 top sanitary ware manufacture brands in India. There are many sanitary ware suppliers in India. It is easy to get confused because every company offers few products that are stylish and great to look at. But certainly there are few things to consider while making a choice among the recommended and the reputed business.

What are things to consider in the deciding on the right sanitary ware supplier?

  1. Quality of the product they sell: As a user you can get this information about a brand from other users and review websites. Some serious reviewers and bloggers visit factories and consult retailers about the manufactured product and gain their personal feedback. The most important thing is that all bathroom fittings and sanitary ware should be able to withstand regular usage and should be long lasting with some easy and regular maintenance.
  2. Years of business: This usually indicates about the reputation of the company in this trade. Know about how the company performed during recessions. As a buyer, you should know that if the company has emerged again after recession or stayed put during this economic tornado, then it is definitely a company that do not compromise on quality of their products.
  • Cost of the sanitary ware: This is the next logical point that needs to be considered. The buy should be within your estimated budget. As a general rule, it is better to have a budget that is median among all the available price quotes for that particular sanitary ware. This point has helped many to choose their company. It is better to avoid companies that have very cheap pricenull quotes.
  1. Customer service: This department has to win accolades. It is nothing worse than an unresponsive customer care. For example, something goes wrong or comes out faulty, how will you claim your guarantee. It has to be through this customer care department. All reputed companies have a 24 x 7 customer care service who are prompt and expert in their job. Test the customer care company with few queries and see how they respond. Also in one of your questions ask about the time period by which they can replace faulty products that are within warranty period.


Following are few well known sanitary ware suppliers in the Indian market that have won accolades from customers and reviewers:

  1. Hindware: This is reputed company with years in the industry. They sell high quality sanitary wares of a large variety that are not only unique or stylish but they value for money. The customer care department from this company is fabulous. The in-store experts have been appreciated by most customers.

Other sanitary ware distributors in India are Duravit India, Parryware Roca India, Cera sanitary ware limited, Kohler India etc.


Quality manufacturers are important while selecting from the top 10 sanitary ware suppliers. Bathrooms too need to look and feel good. Choose your supplier wisely to enjoy every corner of the bathroom.

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