How to Get Your Decor Fix With Decorative Ceiling Fans

Who says we don’t need celling fans? Sure, modern homes rarely need celling fans with their central temperature control mechanisms, but we are still a long way off from writing off celling fans. These machines still make their appearance across our homes, from plain fans to decorative ceiling fans.
Ceiling fans are actually more environment friendly than other electric cooling options. There is no wastage of electricity and we minimize the use of ACs. Ceiling fans simply circulate the air present in a room and do not involve any emission of harmful gases. The lighter bills are also a definite plus.

But ceiling fans are also emerging as an interesting decor choice. With the many options available in the market today, you can play up your fan for the perfect look.

A vintage look: Among the most popular fans are the vintage fans. These fans have an antique look, often with embellishments. Popular choices include brushed nickel, bronze and even walnut. The paddle fans with wide blades are always a popular option. These fans are perfect with traditional, transitional, Victorian or rustic rooms. You can select some really elegant designs in this category.

Large ceiling fans: Large fans which have more blades than the usual three blades are often found in large rooms with high ceilings. You will see these huge fans in public area, but they can easily be incorporated in smaller spaces. Although not rare anymore, the fans are still uncommon enough to attract instant attention.

Contemporary fans: These decorative fans are meant for contemporary or modern rooms. These are usually made of metal and carry a sleek design. The clean, uncluttered lines of these fans make them perfect for the modern home.

With lights: You can also find vintage fans with interesting lighting attachments. These are perfect for those who want some flamboyance. There are quite a few options here — from single glass lamps to chandeliers! These fans are perfect for creating the right mood and look.

Kids’ fans: When we have so many options for the adults, why should the kids be left behind? Choose from fun, colorful fans in keeping with your child’s interests. You can choose from cartoon fans or choose a theme like space, superheroes or Disney.

Ceiling fans are no longer just there boring blades attached to a rod. Decorative ceiling fans can enhance a room, add to its decor style and even create the right mood.

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