How to Choose a Modern Bathroom Faucet?

Selecting the right bathroom faucet for your private space can be a daunting task. The best way to avoid getting lost in the colossal range of faucets available on the market and choosing the best one is by conducting some research beforehand. Read below to know more!

Out and about in the market, the comprehensive variety of bathroom faucets will leave you aghast. Let’s not get spoilt for choices, but buy a chic, modern bathroom faucet that adorns your personalized space in the most dramatic manner. Explore the august options and learn what to look for when buying a faucet.

Mounting Type

Not all bathroom faucets go hand-in-hand with all types of sinks. Complementing the two is important in order to ensure functionality and minimal wastage of resources. Standard faucet drills are usually center-staged with space for embellishment of single-hole or widespread. Let’s look at other mounting types.

Center-set: Such faucets are ideal for wash basins with three holes and handles which are ideally 4 inches apart. They have a combined spout and handles affixed to a single base unit. Many pretty bathroom faucets also feature handles affixed to a 6-inch base plate. Choosing wisely is essential.

Single-Hole: These faucets have a single hole and usually two handles that out-pour hot and cold water respectively. If your sink has more than one pre-drilled hole, use an optional plate for covering them up.

Vessel: Comparatively a new mounting type, this is ideal for taller faucets that complement vessel sinks. It typically features a single handle only.

Wall-Mounted: A popular choice today, they’re available for over-the-counter basins that ask for a long spout for an extended reach. Wall-mounted faucets do not work for wash basins with pre-drilled holes. They require separate drills for installation.

Widespread: Besides the above-mentioned types, these faucets work with three-hole basins only. Three separate pieces wherein two pieces hold handles and a spout for the outpour of water.

Colors and Finishes

Coordinating color and finish with the rest of the bathroom fixtures and accessories is a great way of adding harmony to the overall décor of the space. Choose spot-resistant finishes which are simple to clean and maintain. The choices available on the market are as follows:-

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass (antique or polished)
  • Chrome (matte, brushed or polished)
  • Copper
  • Nickel (brushed and pearl)
  • Iron
  • Bronze

Control Option

The sanitary ware market also offers an exemplary range for bathroom faucets for as simple an act as turning the faucet off or on. Think of these options when seeking an answer to how to choose a modern bathroom faucet for your private space.

Cross Handles: Plentiful faucet models offer different finishes that coordinate with your personalized space’s décor and add functionality.

Joystick: Similar to a lever, these are available in a broad variety of looks and different ranges of motions.

Push Knobs: Quite popular today, these aid in restricting water wastage.

Lever Handles: These are usually available in a cross or X-shaped designs, making them easy to grip and turn off and on. Many pretty bathroom faucets are available with decorative level handle styles.

Touchless: Or otherwise known as sensor taps, these do not require any handles or knobs. Motion-activated, simply placing a hand under the faucet will activate the spout and pour water. Attached mixing valve allows control over blending hot and cold water. Some touchless faucets also come with an optional lever control for adding more control over water outpour.

Take the above-mentioned points into consideration and choose the best faucets for your bath space!

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