Baking Soda the One Solution to 5 Cleaning Problems

Let’s talk about baking soda, that magical powder that you keep in the pantry. We’ve come up with an awesome list of baking soda. So let’s dive in;

Air Freshener

With the help of baking soda, you can make a natural air freshener that smells great. Just pour 2 cups of water into a spray bottle, add about half a Cup of citrus juice which is usually ¾ of a cup. Squeeze it off carefully in court right spray bottle. It’s time to add about 1 tbsp. Of baking soda to your bottle and shake it well. Then, just spray the stinky areas for a long lasting more natural approach.

Smell of Shoes

Did you know that the human foot has over 250K sweat glands that leak in your shoes causing odors? But with a simple trick, you can easily get rid of that odor. Here’s what you need to do. Just grab a paper towel and sprinkle some baking soda into the center. Fold it over a couple of times to fit your shoe and leave it overnight.

Baking soda will stabilize the PH levels acetic odor. Another great piece of information here. Most of the foot odor is acetic perhaps that’s the reason as to why it smells like vinegar or even cheese. But after you’ve treated it with baking soda, the odor will be gone.

Grills Cleaner

At some point in the year, your grills get neglected and cleaning them seems overwhelming. To make this task easy and hassle-free for you, here’s what you need to do. Just mix 3-parts baking soda and 1-part hot water into a container.

Blend it finely so that you have a nice paste. Deepen a grill brush and spread the mixture around before even moving to some quick scrubbing. The caked on the material will pull off in a few seconds, and you’ll have a nice clean grill.

Cleaning Stove Pal

Sometimes, while cooking, things don’t go as they were planned. This happens most of the wannabe chefs. But in case you run into a grease fire, and you don’t have much time to reach, baking soda can be a true friend indeed at that moment. You can easily stop the fire by pouring it over the flame. For sure, it would ruin your food but will save you from visiting the fire department.

Carpet Refresh

Out pets, feet and sometimes shoes even hit the carpet on a daily basis. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why they need a good refresh. How about making your carpet powder, which is truly more effective than the one you buy from stores?

Make your carpet powder by grabbing the 1-Cup baking soda and a small bottle of essential oils. Add powder in a bowl and 20-25 drops of your favorite scented oil. Mix them up well and work out all of the clumps. Once done, just sprinkle it on your affected areas in and let it sit for 15-minutes. Then, just vacuum it up & enjoy fresh smelling clean carpet. This tip has been suggested by one of the top cleaning companies Dubai.


Do you want to learn more about how baking soda can be of great help in getting rid of so many cleaning problems? Just check out the article now

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