It is time for AC Repair and Servicing in Delhi NCR

With Summers approaching, it’s time for the Sun to show its fierce face. Though the summers have just started approaching, it will be here to stay for some time now. So are you planning to replace your old AC? Or waiting for professional servicing to find out if your old AC is in working condition?

If you do not want to shell out money this season for NEW AC? Then it is time that you look for a professional help much before the heat starts troubling you. And if you live in and around Delhi NCR, then you should fix it fast. 

Delhi and its neighboring states get hit by the scorching heat wave with the mercury hovering around 50 Degree Celsius. The heat is so unbearable that it compels the residents of Delhi NCR to go to AC places in the hope of getting relief from the sweltering summer heat.

And people who already own ACs and do not have any plan to purchase a new one go running after home servicing professionals to fix their air cooling appliances on time.

Why do we need to fix our ACs and Coolers in summer?

Cleaning the Dust and Dirt

Generally, all cooling appliances remain idle for 6 months or more depending on the length of the winter season. During this time, dust and other harmful external particles settle down on AC’s body. They even enter filters and ducts of the air conditioner. In case of coolers, it is cooling pads or replacement pads that attract hazardous dirt and dust particles. 

If we talk about the fans, we see dust particles settling on the blades of the fans and when we try to run it after months of intermission, it throws and circulates dumplings of dust around us and in the room, creating breathing problem for those who are allergic to dust/dirt, which could later aggravate and develop serious health problems.

Similar kinds of problem arise, if we operate our ACs and Coolers without cleaning them or replacing their filters. Therefore, all air cooling appliances should be cleaned and washed before the season starts.

You can hire skilled professionals to replace the filters and clean every single part of the AC including the ducts. Cleaning the ducts also improves the performance of air conditioners.


After a long break, it is quite possible that your AC may get breakdown and needs immediate professional help. It could be related to electrical wiring or gas refilling or other technical fault that can be attended by a qualified professional only.

It is advisable that unless you are skilled in this field, do not try to repair these appliances; else it would land you in a serious technical problem. Also avoid taking services from an unskilled service provider, which you may find in your local market. Always take service from a genuine and verified servicing professional to avoid any further technical issues.

There are several professionals offering AC repair in Gurgaon or AC repair in Ghaziabad, and other big cities near Delhi. They offer services such as repairing, gas refilling, cleaning, installation and related services at your door step.

If this season, your AC has broken down, then contact your local servicing professional for an early result.

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