Healthy Soups to Make this Summer with Seasonal Produce

Summer is often the time when we want to have refreshing and healthy food. A bowl of soup is a great way to include vegetables in your diet. Soups don’t have to be bland with boring ingredients. To boost the flavour of soups, roast the veggies, use aromatic spices and fresh herbs. Soups are healthy, packed full of nutrients and can be made in big batches. You can serve these soups as a side dish with main course of rice. A rice pilaf or lemon rice is a good recipe to serve. Use Daawat, which is the best basmati rice in India. Soups aren’t only for winters. Try these refreshing and delicious soup recipes this summer.

Bean & Escarole Soup

Start with cooking red lentils and cannelloni beans. Steam some broccoli, and peas. Sauté some ginger and grated fresh garlic in olive oil. Add one chopped onion and allow it to caramelize. Add coriander, cumin, paprika powder, salt and pepper to taste. Add a handful of escarole and cooked beans. Add vegetable broth and let it simmer for 20 minutes in low heat. Finish with a dollop of coconut cream. Steam some basmati rice to serve with this dish. Sprinkle some coriander leaves and serve hot with a wedge of lime.

Gazpacho Soup

This cooling soup is perfect for a summer lunch. Place cucumber, tomatoes, pepper, garlic, spring onion, and bread slices in a bowl. Season with salt, pepper, sherry vinegar, and olive oil. Cover with cling film and set it to marinade overnight. Add the vegetable mixture in a blender and blitz until smooth. Add olive oil to emulsify the soup. Pour the soup into a bowl and serve with warm grilled bread.

Roasted Tomato & Basil Soup

Start with grilling tomatoes and red bell peppers with salt, pepper and olive oil. In a separate pan, sauté garlic in olive oil with a handful of basil. Remove the charred tomato and bell pepper skins. Add everything into a blender and blitz until smooth. Add a tablespoon of heavy cream to create a smooth texture to the soup. Pour the soup mix in a pot and simmer it on low heat for ten minutes. To make crunchy croutons, cut multigrain bread into small squares and sauté it in olive oil with a bit of oregano. Pour a ladle of hot soup in a bowl and top it with crunchy croutons. Garnish with a few chopped basil leaves and serve warm.

Summer Minestrone Soup

Sauté onions and garlic in olive oil. Add chopped carrot, celery, zucchini, bell peppers, cannellini beans, thyme, oregano, salt, pepper and tomato paste. Cook for 15 minutes and add orzo pasta. Add vegetable stock and bring it to a gentle simmer. Cook for 30 minutes on low heat. Add a handful of spinach and basil. Ladle the soup in a bowl and finish with a handful of fresh basil. This delicious Italian soup makes for a hearty meal with a slice of crusty garlic bread.

These soup recipes make for delicious summer meals. When stored in airtight containers, these soups will last for 3-4 days in the refrigerator.

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