How to Find a Spine Surgeon in Florida

If you are facing a possible spine surgery, it is crucial that you find a spine surgeon. A good surgeon will automatically improve your chances of a favorable surgery, while anything less can prove to be extremely dangerous. Finding a good spine surgeon Florida is a tad more complicated than finding a good GP because you simply cannot afford to go wrong.

So, here are some tips that you can follow:

Know what you need

Spine surgeries are carried out by both orthopedic and neurosurgeons. So, how do you decide which kind of surgeon you need? Both type of surgeons will work as long as they are qualified and experienced enough. In fact, they often work together in certain surgeries. However, each has certain specializations. For instance, an orthopedic surgeon is better choice if you are dealing with deformity. On the other hand, when dealing with tumors, a neurosurgeon should be the preferred choice.


Surgery of any kind is a highly specialized subject that requires years of study and practice. Hence, it follows that given the surgeon has the qualifications, experience in the field is the most important factor. The experience required is not just in general surgery, but specifically in the field that you require. So, if you need lumber spinal stenosis, look for a surgeon who has previous experience in dealing with such cases.

Personal experience

Do not discount your own personal experience when interacting with the doctor. While a warm and sunny disposition is by no means required, you must have trust in your surgeon. A good surgeon will give you all the options, explaining the technical aspects, the risks involved and what you can reasonably expect. The surgeon’s job is to help you decide and not impose a surgery on you.

Training and affiliations

Since the most important aspect is the actual technical training of the surgeon, do not hesitate to ask about his/her qualifications. Any hospital will be happy to share this information with you. You can also check for professional affiliations, since such bodies impose a certain minimum standard. In procedures like fusion, the surgeon should also be fellowship trained.

The aftercare

Every procedure requires some amount of aftercare and you should clarify all such requirements before going in for surgery. How many days will you be staying at the hospital? Will you need assistance at home even after you are discharged? Can the hospital provide for at-home care? All these concerns must be addressed.

Only if you are satisfied on all above points, should you consider treatment with the chosen spine surgeon Florida.

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