Exercise to be followed by Cancer Patients

Everyone should go for a moderate daily workout to keep their health well maintained. The same is recommended for cancer patients too, but depending upon the level of disease. Treatment they are going through.

Exercise for cancer patients, as suggested by some specialists, is focused in four areas of fitness- stretching, strength training, aerobic exercise and balancing.

Since chemotherapy and radiation treatments make the cancer patients feel fatigue, it is important to engage in at least two hours of physical activity every day. Here is more details about the four kinds of exercise for cancer patients that would help them to keep up with their health.

Exercise for cancer patients


Patients may feel weakness in some parts of their body if they have underwent surgery for having cancer. For instance, breast cancer survivors, who have gone through mastectomies, possibly will feel weakness where the rotator at their shoulder girdles may cuff. There are stretching exercises that are specifically meant for strengthening the shoulder. In such exercises the patients have to face a wall and walk with their arms up the wall in order to meet the point of tightness. Doing this could help them to recover the movement in the areas they had surgery.

Strength training

To improve the muscle tone and resist loss of muscle that occurs with aging, doctors recommend to go for strength training. Due to chemotherapy cancer patients tend to lose much of bone density in a year that an average person could lose in a decade. Although performing weight bearing and strength training exercises will not increase bone density, but will help to at least maintain it. This exercise can be done with the help of weight machines, barbells and dumbbells.


One of the beneficial exercise for cancer patients is considered to be aerobic, which includes bicycling, running and walking. Having overweight can become risky for the patients of cancer. In order to reduce the cancer recurring or developing risk, it is important to maintain their body weight and aerobic helps to burn calories. For instance, doing aerobics can reduce the risk of endometrial cancer by 20-40 percent, breast cancer by 20-80 percent and colon cancer by 30-40 percent. However, it becomes difficult for cancer patients to do 30 minutes of regular exercise a day, as the treatments drain out much of their energy. In alternative to that, they can do exercise three times a day for 10 minutes each.


Doctors say that drugs can weaken the balance in cancer patients. It might only take one fall to break their bone as chemotherapy decreases the bone mass. Including balance exercises as a regular part of fitness routine can prevent the patients from slipping or tumbling. For instance, walking like on tightrope, raising each heel up and down by standing at one place, single leg stands for 60 seconds, can help to improve balance of their body. Such exercises can be performed even after coming back from cancer treatment.

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