Don’t Know How to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer?

People find it difficult to protect their colour treated strands from losing their shade. Swimming, excessive sun exposure and heavy sweating are some of those mortal sins that a person with dyed hair can’t even imagine.

There are some pigment molecules present in your hair that when released fade your strands’ shade. Harsh chemicals and water are the two top offenders of your dyed hair. Whenever you wet your hair (by rinsing or even sweating), the outer layer of hair named cuticle gets a bit swelled and lifted up. This lets the colour molecules escape. Moreover, water contains certain elements like copper which can oxidize the shade by penetrating in your strands.

Worse situation happens when you let your wet hair soak sunlight. Wet hair mixed with sunlight produce hydrogen peroxide which makes your colour fade out due to its bleaching properties.

Chlorine is commonly known to be a colour killer and the lathering agents in shampoos basically are surfactants that too facilitate in increasing the oxidation rate. But not all lathering agents are harmful. For instance, Toppik Hair Building Shampoo contains keratin derived surfactants that are very beneficial for colour treated hair. In fact, this product helps in nourishing and thickening your hair.

After understanding some of the reasons behind losing your hair colour, there are some beneficial tips to make your shade last longer. Let’s discuss them.

Condition your Hair

When you feel like swimming, it is recommended to wet your hair and after applying conditioner to it, wear a cap. That cap will save your strands from absorbing chlorine.

Avoid Washing as much as Possible.

It is advised to avoid washing your locks on a daily basis. Shampooing suck up colour from your colour treated locks and make them dry and brittle. Instead, try using dry shampoos to avoid greasy looking hair. And if you really want to wash them then just rinse them with clean water without using shampoo.

Treat your Hair Gently

You will never use harsh laundry detergents for your delicate undergarments and silk shirts. It’s similarly not safe for your fragile hair strands to get colour treated on frequent basis, in fact they require much more gentleness and care. Try looking for products that say “safe for colour-treated hair”, “colour protectant” or “colour safe”. All such formulas are made to protect your coloured hair and their usage keeps your shade for a much longer time. Some companies like Toppik offer hair care products having antioxidants and keratin fibers in them that provide greater hair protection.

Get Regular Hair Treatments.

It is very important that you get hair moisturization treatments at least once or twice a month. These treatments provide damage control and are best suitable for damaged locks.

All these are suggestions to make your hair colour last much longer. Other than these tips, it is always advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet intake and a regular routine of exercise.

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