Athlete Strength Training Program

If there is one topic in this world which has so many stories, lies, propaganda, false reviews, truths, half-truths, exaggerations…say them, then it is about fitness be it weight loss or strength training. If you read the suggestions in fitness websites you will most likely end up being confused because what is recommended by one site, author or articles may be expressly forbidden by the other. Some other strength training program especially those which advocate for the use of wonder pills, or those which promise magic results should be viewed with a lot of suspicion.

Athlete Strength Training Program

There are some strength training programs which promise unrealistic quick results and these should be avoided. Whatever the method or formula suggested, it must be based on hard work in the form of exercises, combined with the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes, and it must be programmed to produce results gradually. If you come across fitness program which tells you that you can put on muscles in two weeks, know that it is  also likely that you can lose the muscle mass you have gained within the same period.

At a glance, here is what you need to know about an effective athlete strength training program.

  • If your goal of athlete strength training is to become as muscular and as lean as possible, ensure you train like speed or power athlete.

  • The workouts should focus on speed, explosiveness and speed, and boosting your capacity of maintaining high strength level in the long term.

  • Your exercise menu should be limited. Excessive garbage sets or amount of volume will sap your capability of recovering.

The Three Vital Elements:

In order to excel, a speed or power athlete should explosively move through the space. For this to happen at optimal level, the athlete requires solid amount of muscle power (for power) and some little dead weight. In other words, if you are training to be fast, explosive and fast, and have the ability of maintaining high power output or strength level for longer period, you must get lean and muscular first.

If you want to get ripped, improve on the following vital three elements-

  1. Get athlete strong:

Athlete string refers to high general strength level but not just succeeding in some few specific lifts. If you get strong in the basic barbell lifts, you will lay very good foundation of strength training but to be athlete strong takes more than just that since you need to capable of transferring your strength in gym to the activities in real life. For this to happen, it is advised that you do the following-

  • Get stronger on various barbell lifts which cover your entire body

  • Get stringer by use of different loaded carry versions.

  1. Get explosive and fast:

Being explosive and fast are two very important qualities which have a great impact on your general body appearance. You can only be considered explosive if you can –

  • Jump far and high.

  • Run fast.

  • Throw things farther away.

If you maximize these, then you will realise that you have become lean and muscular! Another very important element of the body composition training is combination of various forms of sprints, throws and jumps. You can do these for-

  • Maximal power output – moderate-weight throws, low-rep jumps and sprints of at least 60 meters.

  • Maximal capacity output – in the form of sets of throws or jumps of between 45 and 60 seconds and sprints of between 200 and 400 meters

  • Overload – these include resisted sprinting, heavy throws and weighted jumps.

The above exercises have a great contribution towards building muscular and lean physique.

  1. Remaining strong for extended period of time:

An effective strength training program should aim at maintaining the desired results in the long term. To be lean, you should not just be powerful and strong but you also need to have the ability of sustaining the capacity in the long run. This is where the loaded carries and the explosive capacity works such as throw sets and jumps for at least 60 seconds, come in to play. Another important strategy is the use of complexes such as for example, you can do combination of three power or strength exercises without resting.

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