6 Amazing Ways On How To Get Rid Of Lockjaw

Have you ever meet lockjaw? It restricts your muscle mouth so that your mouth can’t move. Lockjaw is so painful and distress. Opening your mouth is seemly impossible. Not many people know how to get rid of lockjaw. In the article, let me show you the useful information and six amazing ways on how to get rid of lockjaw.

What is lockjaw?

 Lockjaw is also called Trismus which is a condition that you can’t open or move your mouth. The movement of the mouth based on the combination of three muscle of mastication. The disorder of this muscle group can cause lockjaw.

What causes lockjaw?

The causes of lockjaw are divided into two group are extra-articular and intra-articular. But I will show you the typical ways cause trismus.

The most common way make lockjaw is pericoronitis which also known as operculitis. The inflammation around the teeth crown is caused by bacteria.

Muscles of mastication play an important role in the mouth movement. It’s easy to understand that the inflammation of these muscles can cause trismus. Remove the wisdom teeth can result in this inflammation.

Another cause the trismus is a peritonsillar abscess which results of tonsillitis. Some types of bacteria can make this condition. You need to see the doctor to treat it.

One more principal cause lockjaw is Tetanus. This dangerous infection not only affects the jaw muscles but also can damage the nervous system and the muscles of the whole body. Lockjaw is the first symptom of lockjaw after that the spams will spread to the neck, the back, and the abdomen. In some cases, the respiration muscle can’t work. Thus, it threatens the life. Other symptoms such as a headache, fever, sweating, trouble swallowing, a fast heart rate or high blood pressure. Bacterium Clostridium tetani are the cause of this disease. We can find this bacterium in soil, saliva, dust, manure. They can get into the body through the dirt cuts, animal bites, or contaminated wound. Their toxin causes the muscle spasm, so it makes lockjaw and contraction other parts of the body. We have a vaccine to prevent infection.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) is a direct reason of lockjaw. This condition presents on the dysfunction of the muscle of mastication and the temporomandibular joints. Two main symptoms are pain and restriction of mouth movements. This condition is caused by many factors, and they don’t know much about this.

Which symptoms of lockjaw can you see?

Symptoms can develop suddenly or gradually. Here are some signs of lockjaw. The range motion of Temporomandibular Joint can be reduced. You can’t eat, smile, talk or chewing. Swallowing and breathing are hard, too. You feel so painful and can hear the sounds when moving your mouth.

How to get rid of lockjaw?

As you know, lockjaw can result in dangerous disease such as tetanus. So you need to see the doctor to check your health to avoid the threatening-life condition. However, you should know some simple ways on how to get rid of lockjaw to free of this discomfort condition quickly.


Massages can relax the muscle to reduce the pain. Use your finger to find out the pain and swelling points. Put a slight pressure by two fingers on that point and then move gently with circular movements for one minute. Then do the same step with the other side of your mouth.

You can repeat this action about five minutes or until you feel better.

Doing Exercise

Jaw exercise can treat and prevent the trismus. Moreover, You should do it daily to have the strong jaw. The first important thing is to relax your body muscle, especially relax and lower your shoulder, your lower jaw, and your tongue. Separate your upper teeth and lower teeth. Next, Move your lower jaw up and down with your teeth do not touch. If you don’t feel pain, you should try to open your mouth as widely as possible. Then move your lower jaw side to side. You should also try to move as far as possible while your teeth still apart. Continue to move your jaw toward and back gently without pain. That are the warm-up movements. Now, fist your hand and put your thumb under your chin. Then try to open your mouth while your thumb put the pressure against the opening and closing of your mouth with your hand put down against the closing. And moving your jaw side to side with the hand put pressure to the opposite direction. You should do it daily with ten times per day to have the best result.

Doing Yoga

Maybe you will wonder ‘how to get rid of lockjaw with Yoga?’. Yoga is a therapy with significant effects on the body such as losing weight and relaxing the muscle. This method will help to improve the lockjaw. Here are some yoga poses can help on lockjaw.

Downward Facing Dog is also called Asanas which help circulation in the head and the jaw. You need to touch your heels and palms on the ground to make the inverted-V shape.

Legs-up-the-wall is known as Viparita Cavani. Lie down on the floor with your bottom touch the wall. Then raise your legs to lean on the wall and relax.

Hot Compressor

Heat can help to relax the muscle and increase the blood circulation. Just use the 40-45 Celcius degrees to avoid burn. And if your condition is an inflammation, you should choose the cold compressor method. You can take the warm water into the bottle. Another way is to put the towel in the warm water and squeeze out. Put the compressor in the goal position and leave it about a half hour. If the water gets cold, you should change the water and continue.

Cold Compressor

Hot compressor can’t apply if your jaw has inflammation. In this case, You should choose compressor instead. This therapy is believed that can block the pain sensation and increase releasing endorphins which are a type of hormone to prevent the pain transmit to the brain. And the cold help to reduce the inflammation by narrow the blood vessel.

Take a cube of ice and cover it with a towel to prevent the cold burn. Then apply the ice to the inflammation site. Leave it a few minutes, then take a short break and do it again. The process can take ten minutes.

Take pain relief

Lockjaw presents with hard pain and contraction of the muscle. So we can base on that to feel better. You can use the over-the-counter pain control medication like Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen. Acetaminophen is also called Paracetamol which works your brain to reduce the pain. The dosage for an adult is 10mg-15mg per one weight kilogram. It’s quite safe to use, but don’t take too much it can damage your liver. Ibuprofen is a type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug(NSAID) which help to lower the prostaglandins hormone that causes the pain by irritating our nerve endings. If the condition doesn’t improve, you should go to see the doctor immediately.


These methods maybe help you on how to get rid of lockjaw at home. However, the lockjaw can be caused by some dangerous disease. So, you should go to see the doctor to have the best treatment.



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