The Top10 Fast Food Franchises in India

Believe or not, taste is something that can make a man drool over food, even when he’s done for the day. And, the fact is pretty much true in the case of an Indian at least. On an average, an Indian eats at least once a week and spends his/her 25 percent of the salary on outside eateries. This is precisely the reason why all the leading fast food chains of the world are setting up their base in this majestic country. Furthermore, aiding to the Indian population and love for food, the nation serves as a fruitful investment and profit-oozing base for these companies.

Every part of the nation has one food chain dominating the domestic market. However, there are some which are ruling the Food & Beverage industry at the national level. If you’re someone who loves to explore different dishes and delve into delicacies, this post is especially meant for you. We’ve enlisted the top 10 fast food franchises in India that are a must-go-to place.

  1. Bikanervala

An Indian based fast food chain established in the year of 1950, Bikanervala serves nearly 5 million customers every year. Owing to its present market stake, it has branches are present in every nook and corner of the Indian nation. While the chain is most loved for its exuberant, drool-over variety of sweets and namkeens, it has also entered the arena of fast food and has successfully won the hearts of millions.

  1. Haldiram

In its initial phase of existence in the Indian market, Haldiram was most famed for its ‘bhujia’ variety. Soon it entered the arena restaurants and today, Haldiram marks its presence in all the major cities of India. You can enjoy a comprehensive variety of sweets, namkeens, street food items, and main course cuisines belonging to different parts of the nations. Of the many factors that owe to Haldiram’s success in the Indian market, taste is something that made all the difference.

  1. Barbeque Nation

Inaugurated in the year of 2006, Barbeque Nation was a one-of-its-kind restaurant that made it gain so much popularity. The chain is a paradise for food lovers. It serves some mouth-watering dishes which can give you an adrenal rush and make your heart skip a beat. The chain is majorly famed for its impeccable kebabs, salads, soups and grilled food items.

  1. Café Coffee Day

Though Café Coffee Day doesn’t really qualify as a food joint for Indians to go mad over, it is its range of hot and cold beverages that particular do the magic. The very introduction of Café Coffee Day in the Indian market brought about a sensational feeling. People could just have a cup of hot coffee while enjoying their ‘me’ time or simply meet someone to connect over a business deal. At present, the chain has more than 1500 outlets in India. Café Coffee Day also offers a variety of dishes to rejoice. These include sandwiches, cakes, patties, pasta, and pastries.

  1. Dominos

Over the years, the name Dominos has found itself synonymous with pizza. It has become the one-stop-destination for all pizza lovers. Looking into the facts, Dominos has witnessed record sales in the past decade and has become one of the most popular and trusted fast food chains in India. There are more than 1000 Dominos stores all across the nation and the number is ever increasing. Actually, the fast food chain gained its popularity after introducing the revolutionary “30-minute delivery” policy, wherein the chain promised the delivery of fresh pizzas within half an hour or give it away for free.

  1. Pizza Hut

Another popular pizza chain in India, Pizza Hut entered the Indian market before Dominos and brought with it the concept of “one-stop-pizza-shop.” The American-Italian chain, despite competition, marks record sales every year and introduces some or the other new variety in India, which keeps its customers coming back. Post the announcement of “30 minute delivery or free” policy in the nation, Pizza Hut too followed. This particularly escalated its profits in India.

  1. Subway

Subway is yet another one-of-its-kind food chains in India, which, believe it not, is loved and cherished at the level unimaginable. It’s primarily known for its freshly prepared sub-sandwiches. Each sub-sandwich is custom made, as per the taste and flavor of the customer. More so, these are cold sandwiches, which are particularly healthy, richly flavored, and quite filling. You can also order salads, cookies, and beverages of your choice.

  1. KFC

KFC is the best go-to place for all the non-vegetarians. Similar to the above mentioned fast food chains, this American-based chain too brought about a different concept in India, which particularly marks its popularity and fan-following. While KFC is a paradise for all the non-vegetarians, but this doesn’t mean that the vegetarians can’t pay a visit. The chain offers a broad variety of its vegetarian friends as well. KFC has more than 500 stores all across the nation and it marks as the second largest food chain in the global market.

  1. Burger King

An American fast food joint, Burger is one of the most loved and visited the place by millions. Its comprehensive range of burgers, French fries, beverages, sides, and desserts are simply delicious and irresistible. Truth be told, by molding the taste of their burgers according to Indian customers, Burger King has, in a very short span of time, left behind many of its competitors and stands as the second most favored fast food eatery place in India.

  1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the leading fast food chain in India as well as in the global market. It serves a customer base twice as more than many above-listed fast food giants. McDonald’s has the maximum customer satisfaction rate. Furthermore, McDonald’s range of burgers, wraps, sides, as well as beverages are simply irresistible. What made McDonald’s more popular in the market, apart from its mind-boggling taste, is its price range. The fast-food giant is extremely reasonable and offers a dining space that’s alluring, comfortable and customer friendly. Despite the recent closure of many of its stores in the National Capital Region owing to the dispute between the North Indian franchise company and the parent company, its popularity marks exceptional levels most fast food chain aim to achieve in the Indian market.

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