Make Every Occasion Special

Everyone loves when someone else remembers your special days. Be it our birthday or wedding anniversary all of us love our loved ones to remember us and wish us on that day. What better a way than sending a lovely bouquet on that day? Make your loved ones happy and tell them that you will remember them always.

Sending a bouquet is nothing new. But Rainbowly makes them special. We make the bouquets edible. Isn’t that something really special? Won’t your friends or loved ones like to receive a bouquet of strawberries dipped in chocolate on their special days?

When it is time to wish someone on their birthday send them our edible birthday bouquet Singapore. It would probably be the best gift they received on that day. Our bouquets are not just edible they are also items of art. Before they eat our bouquets, we are sure they will use that to decorate their dinner tables.

Weddings certainly are special occasions and we want to make them special for everyone. That is the reason that Rainbowly came out with this unique idea of the dessert table. We create healthy pieces of art to decorate your wedding dessert table Singapore. They are less of sweet and more of fruit. Our strawberry towers have been pieces of attraction, though they didn’t stay that way for too long. People were eager to lay their hands on them.

We can even work with other decorators to create a total package for you. We can add other sweets or confectionery to your dessert table as your requirement may be. You can conveniently place your orders online. We even give free delivery on certain orders.

Make your life and the life of your loved ones healthy by gifting them our healthy edible bouquets.

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