UAE Credit Card Options

Having a credit card in UAE makes life a little simpler. You don’t have to always carry cash for your purchases. If you would like to buy a big-ticket item, you can pay it off in manageable installments. When you have a credit card, overseas travel becomes easy to arrange. You have a financial back-up plan when emergencies or unexpected expenses arise. With a credit card from Union National Bank you know your purchases are secure, both in store and online. Online shopping is currently a small retail sector in the UAE but it is growing exponentially. With a UNB credit card you are poised to take advantage of the best of the online offers.

Get more with a UNB Credit Card in UAE

The advantages of a credit card in UAE are clear. When you choose UNB as your provider, you get even more. With a UNB card you also get rewards. There are many different cards from which to choose, each of which provides different benefits and rewards. There is sure to be one that suits your needs perfectly. In broad terms, there are three categories of cards:

  • Premium cards. These are available to top tier clients and offer lifestyle and travel rewards. Examples are UNBmiles, exciting travel rewards and offers, and exclusive shopping or dining offers.
  • Co-branded cards. These cards are co-branded with leading outlets and bring you special offers from supermarkets as well as airlines. For example, with the ADCOOP card you get cashback offers as well as discounts and exclusive specials.
  • Everyday cards. For your everyday use and needs, these cards are ideal. UNBmiles, cashback, and exclusive offers are provided. Choose the card that best suits your needs from the Cashback, Classic, Internet, International Travel, or Gold card.

How to apply

The process to apply for your UAE credit card from United National Bank is simple. The online application form is easy to complete and you can upload the requested information directly. To learn more about what this bank offers, visit their website or contact the UNB Customer Care Centre today.

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