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There comes a time in every boys life when to become a man, he has to trade his sneakers for formal shoes. I know it’s not an exact trade but you get the point. When you’re right out of college, looking for perfect formal shoes can be a task in itself. Unlike a paling fad, formal shoes are an everlasting statement necessity that never goes out of style. Formal shoes are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. Your footwear reflects the look you’re going for, so you need to be extra careful when selecting the perfect formal shoes.

Here are 5 statement formal shoes that’ll help upgrade your office wardrobe.

# 1 Wholecut oxfords

A Wholecut is defined as a shoe which uses single piece of leather for the upper of the shoe. Hence the name ‘wholecut’. These shoes are as formal as formal gets. The oxford part basically means the shoes have a closed lacing system and the eyelets are present on the underside of the vamp. This gives the shoe a flawless, clean and pristine look.

What to wear with oxfords: Since wholecut oxfords are epitomy of formal wear. They look best with clean sharp suits and tuxedos. They’re very easy to pair, black with black tuxedo. Brown with navy/brown/black suits.

# 2 Quarter brogues

A step down from wholecut oxfords, but still as impactful. Quarter brogues are shoes with minimal broguing. What’s broguing? It’s an ornamentation done by creating patterns by perforation and pinking. Although brogues are considered to be semi formal at best. But, wholecut quarter brogues are still considered elegant formal footwear. Quarter brogues gives you what wholecut oxfords can’t. Self expression and artistic liberty.

What to wear with quarter brogues: One of the best qualities about brogues, you can easily dress them up or down. You can easily wear your brogues with trousers, shirt and a blazer. Combinations like light colored chinos and shirt, dark slim jeans and T-shirt also go well with quarter brogues.

# 3  Derby

Another classic lace up. There’s little to no possibility of you going wrong with derby shoes. But what are derby’s other than a cool name? Derby’s are similar to oxfords in almost all parameters but two. They have an open lacing system and the eyelets for laces are present above the vamp. That’s all. This minimal difference has created differences in shoe enthusiasts around the world. While wholecut oxfords are restricted to clean formal wear, derby’s are more flexible and can be worn with both business and business casual wear.

What to wear with Derby shoes: For a smart look it’s best to invest in slim shaped derby’s made from a single piece of leather. These shoes always look good with any formal piece like grey/tan/navy suits, or just simple oxford shirts and trousers.

On the other hand, for a casual look, you can pair your derby’s with jeans or chinos and a comfortable top. You can always layer it for an extra oomph.

# 4 Monk strap

Monk strap shoes are a saving grace for all the men who detest laces. Now as the name suggests, monk straps are just that, shoes with buckled straps instead of laces. Monks strap shoes have evolved from close toed sandals that monks used to wear, hence the name monk strap.

Monk strap shoes can be single or double monk strap. While a single monk strap is a unique shoe with a belt going across where the laces used to be, it’s a little less graceful than double monk straps but in the end it’s just one buckle versus two.

What to wear with monk strap shoes: A single strap is more flexible and leaves room for bold prints and patterns. They look great with light colored trousers and printed shirts for a casual, laid back look.

Double monk straps on the other hand oozes charm and grace. They are good formal shoes that can be worn with casual suits, shirts with trousers and even chinos with a light T-shirt and a dark blazer. The only thing you should avoid with double monk strap shoes is accessorizing too much, as it can turn your elegant look into a gaudy one really fast.

# 5 Wingtip brogues

Whether wingtip brogues are formal or not, is still debatable. Just like quarter brogues, wingtip brogues also have ornamental designs made by perforated patterns. But wingtip brogues have these serrations throughout the shoe and in the centre of the toe cap. When seen from the top, the toe cap looks like a ‘W’ or an ‘M’ depending upon the view point.  Some people consider them to be formal, some don’t. I believe it’s a matter of personal choice now.

What to wear with wingtip brogues: Since wingtip brogues aren’t as formal as wholecut oxfords and not as casual as sneakers, they come somewhere in the range of casual dress shoes. It is obvious that more ornamentation will equate to decreasing formality. When pairing wingtip brogues the color of the shoes play an important role. Black color will always be more dressier than brown and other colors like red or white will always be considered least formal. So for formal occasions you can wear black wingtip brogues but can go for brown, tan, and chestnut brogues for a more casual setting and can pair them with chinos, light colored trousers and printed shirts.

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