Pros and Cons of Interracial Marriages

What is your opinion about interracial marriages? Do you approve it? Are you in favor or against interracial marriage? Let us discuss. Love does not know any boundaries. Love is beyond race, age and geographical boundaries.

Interracial marriages were not a widely accepted phenomenon even in recent past. It does not occur in high numbers and is a matter of debate till date. Different people have different viewpoints in this subject.

People in an interracial relationship often cannot see the disadvantages and people outside interracial relationship cannot see the advantages of such relations. This totally depends on subjective conditions.

Pros of Interracial Marriages-

  1. Acceptance of  New Culture

This marriage introduces to a new culture. One learns about new things that are not possible while having relationship in the same culture. This is a very strong opportunity to expand knowledge about language, food, music, dance and religion of another culture a person is unfamiliar with.

  1. Break Routine Social Practices

Interracial marriages are based on love. This is an opportunity to tell other cultures the lies, misconceptions, and myths of one culture believed by other. This marriage brings transparency in understanding cultures in true spirit.

  1. Development of New Culture

Children of such interracial marriages bear a far wider concept of social, cultural values. Such children become free of cultural, religious and other social boundaries from very beginning and become torch bearer of a peaceful, humane, global society where there is no war or devastations.

  1. A Genetically Strong Human Race is Created

Children from interracial marriages are genetically very superior to children of same race marriages. It is a very widely accepted medical fact that children of interracial marriages carry the good traits from each parent and give rise to a genetic disease free human society.

Cons of Interracial Marriages

  1. Rejection from family

This the biggest challenge one faces while deciding in favor of interracial marriage. Many families and friends are not prepared to accept such an interracial marriage. There are many family members and friends who think differently about another human race and may even carry prejudiced opinions about them.

It is very hard, almost impossible for such people to accept an interracial marriage. One finds about choosing between family, friends and an interracial spouse, a very difficult decision. Choosing one has the risk of losing other.

  1. Reaction of Society

There are people in the society one lives always ready to judge others. Interracial marriage may bring adverse criticism from such people. If these people are able to influence others in the society, one may find majority of society against the decision of interracial marriage. This carries a potential risk of social isolation and one must be able to withhold the pressure.

  1. Psychological development of children

Children from such interracial marriages may find themselves difficult to adjust in either of the racial cultures. Although racial conflicts have lessened to a considerable degree, children may still feel awkward when they find that they do not belong to either of the cultures.

Nothing is trouble free. Doing something new and against the routine social, cultural values will always raise turmoil. But it needs guts to do such a thing. So, one must do good to the global human society and the world. At any cost.

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