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Experience Chills and Thrills with These 3 Horror-Thrillers on the Watcho App

Horror web shows and short films cannot be ignored for long as these are both intriguing and spine chilling. Horror shows scare you out of your wits, but also provide the viewers with something interesting to watch. In simple words: it is all about stepping out of one’s comfort zone in order to fight one’s fears and insecurities.

The Watcho app, a subsidiary of Dish TV, lets the viewers stream some heart throbbing horror web shows and short films as well. Also, the subscribers of the Watcho app can pay for their Dish TV DTH recharge with Watcho. Use the registered mobile number to log into the app and pay easily for your Dish TV DTH recharge.  Moreover, here are a few horror shows and short films that can be watched on the Watcho app:

The Mortuary (Web Series)

The Mortuary will bring back memories of the old-school horror thrillers that were made by filmmakers in Bollywood during the early 2000s. This web series on the Watcho app has striking similarities with Vikram Bhatt’s directorial ventures. There’s a secluded hospital wherein a patient is raped and murdered. The culprits try to portray it as an accident and want to get away with the crime, unscathed. However, the spirit of the young lady returns to seek retribution. Watch this horror-thriller web series that promises a whole lot of things on the Watcho app.

Coming Soon (Original Short Film)

‘Coming Soon’ is a horror short film that makes us understand an episode in the life of a writer. Our dear protagonist goes to a secluded mansion in the woods to seek inspiration. What he wants is to write a horror short story that ends up becoming a bestseller.  ‘Coming Soon’ is a short film, which also means that the viewers can see it within minutes. It’s suspenseful, it’s dark and it’s exciting. So, watch it at the earliest possible instance. Watch it while travelling in the cab and let yourself be amazed.

Dark Destinations (Web Series)

‘Dark Destinations’ is meant to be watched by those who have an inclination towards some of India’s renowned haunted destinations. A team of paranormal investigators comes together to unearth the mysteries surrounding these destinations.  The best part of the show is its dark and dusky look and feel that ends up adding various interesting layers to it.  Catch this show on the Watcho app and enjoy something genuinely spine chilling and interesting.  Download the app and start watching this very intriguing web series on Watcho.

Download the Watcho app and watch the best original web series, short films and live TV channels. Also, the viewers get a chance to make payments for their Dish TV DTH recharge with Watcho. Download the app to watch some fresh pieces of content and keep the excitement levels high and handsome.

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