Venice of America: Interesting facts about Fort Lauderdale

An undeviating successor of what is now known as real tennis which continues to be played today as a separate sport with more complex rules, is the game of sport that most people call tennis. This game promotes the physical fitness of the players involved and out-performs other and helps in developing traits such as creativity and assertiveness.

Fort Lauderdale got its name from Second Seminole War fortification. It’s the climate advantage of City of Fort Lauderdale that is helping in establishing it into a world-wide elite class center and providing space for one of the most desirable locations for new, growing or relocating businesses. City encompasses in itself the varied range of industries like marine, manufacturing, finance, insurance, real estate, film, television and various others through the cooperative efforts of residents, businesses and local government. Now city has evolved into a place that gives the best of both worlds (an attractive business environment and a terrific quality of life).

City offers an exceptional quality of life, wonderful climate, natural beauty and selection of civilizing, amusement and learning facilities. It also has good courts to play tennis or one can say royal tennis because of its good climate. World-famous Fort Lauderdale Beach offers premier opportunities for recreation, relaxation and enjoyment and one of such recreational activities in it for the individual is playing tennis in their free time. The charming River walk experience serves as the cornerstone of the City’s arts, science, cultural and historic district which features the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Museum of Art and architecture and tennis Fort Lauderdale, Village and Museum.

Situated on the southeast coast of Florida, City of Fort Lauderdale lies between the east-central portions of Broward County and not very far from its Palm Beaches, having cool breeze atmosphere, and good courts on these beaches so that people can have entertainment and recreational activities, such as volleyball and tennis to play.

The great place to live, Venice of America (Fort Lauderdale) looks forward to continuing build upon its success to meet the challenges of the current and beyond. If you are a game lover then this is the best place for you where you can find beautiful Intracoastal, Club rich in tradition, outstanding amenities and services. You will also get a world-class marine program here, tennis courts, and many more to you and your family to enjoy. Check out for more interesting facts and tennis Fort Lauderdale, details mentioned on website.

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