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Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses (Edition 1)

Marketing strategies for small businesses are quite different as compared with a medium or big scale enterprise. You have to find out creative ways to market your product/ service on a limited budget. Social media is a powerful tool to reach out to a diverse group of audiences in a limited budget.

If you are new to social media marketing and wondering where to start, you can hire a social media advertising agency in Gurgaon like Korra Worldwide Advertising Pvt. Ltd. At Korra, you will get a dedicated social media manager who will manage all your social media handles.

Korra Worldwide Advertising Pvt. Ltd. is a digital marketing company offering a 360° digital marketing solution for your product/ service. Check out these effective social media marketing strategies to help you use these platforms to grow your business:

Focus on a Primary Platform

Not all social media platforms are equal when it comes to reaching your target audience. Different businesses attract different people; who actively use and prefer different platforms.

It’s important, then, that you figure out who you’re trying to reach on social media and where they can be found. You need to understand the profile and buyer personas of your target audiences. Once you’ve identified this, you can choose the primary social media platform for promotion and marketing.

Curate Your Brand Voice

Buyer personas help you to determine your brand voice. Needless to say, to attract and engage the right people, it needs to be created with those people in mind. When determining your brand voice, consider these points:

How do they talk?

What terminology do they use and understand?

What is their educational background?

Does your voice fit your offerings?

After analysing the same, you can curate your signature brand voice which can be used to reach your target audience.

Set Attainable Goals

Be specific with your social media marketing goals. This is where an experienced social media manager can help you achieve it. You want to set clearly laid out goals that you can accomplish within a set period of time. Additionally, your objectives should be backed by a plan, which will make success achievable.

Stick to Your Posting Schedule

Whether your primary social media platform is YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, you have to plan out your posts ahead of time. Random posts that lack consistency will end up losing followers from your page. You need to plan and be consistent in producing content and posting it at a scheduled time. You can download various free scheduling apps available online for automatic posting of content at a specified time.

These are some of the key strategies for social media marketing for small businesses. However, there are more strategies that can help to grow your small business, which you can continue reading in edition 2.

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