Importance of Extracurricular Activities in Schools

Extracurricular activities as the name suggests are the activities that not part of school curriculum. These activities are not included in the curriculum; schools offer them optionally to develop talents and skills of the students. It gives balanced development programme which inculcates teamwork, confidence, and sociability among students. Schools emphasize the importance of the extracurricular activities, but it becomes difficult for students to dedicate extra time to these activities.
However, some parents argue that these activities are not very important in child’s life. Student’s are already under so much pressure to perform well in the exam, prepare for competitive exams and actively participate in social activities. But this is not correct. Students can face problems when they will have no life beyond books and phone. Parents think that these activities will work as the distraction from their studies. They think that students only need to concentrate only on their studies. But the fact is that extracurricular activities and curricular studies complement each other to develop well-rounded, social, high spirited individual. Several studies were conducted to prove the positive impact of these activities on student’s academic performance. This leads to the physical and mental well-being of the student. Find the list of top 10 CBSE schools in Nagpur which provide the array of extracurricular activities for the students.
There are the plethora of activities schools nowadays offers including swimming, football, basketball, scouts, music, drama, dance, debate, chess, horse riding and many more.

Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

Stronger Mind: Playing sports gives the lesson to be mentally stronger in all situations. Become only in sports you get an opportunity to train, try, again and again, win & lose, take risks, make strategies and be ambitious. People involved in sports get naturally trained to have the strong mind and team spirit. This all will help them to concentrate on studies too.
Stress Buster: It is impossible for a child to remain energetic by doing one single activity i.e. studies. Syllabus in schools is vast this creates mental and physical stress for the students. They must expose themselves to some lighter activities like music, sports or some creative activities.  Especially sports activities as the high level of physical exertion causes a rush of adrenaline which reduces stress.
Multitasking and Time Management:  This is the best way of teaching the art of balancing studies and other tasks. The child learns to handle multiple responsibilities from very early in life. This will teach them time management. This type of learning molds child’s mind for a better life.
Explore Hidden Skills: When a child is exposed to the variety of activities. This will help parents and teachers to explore the hidden talent of the child. He will also develop a taste for the particular activity and they can develop it further to take it to a professional level.
Team Spirit: Most of the extracurricular activities involve steam work. This team of the variety of people offers insight into people’s perspective, creativity and idea of working as a team. The child will develop relationship building skill, how to act in social situations and lifelong friendships.
The sense of Commitment and Responsibility: Children who actively participate in extracurricular activities have a greater sense of commitment in everything they do because in these activities they function as a member and have to commit to it and perform their best. As a team member, they develop the feeling of responsibility towards their role and also the other team members.
More Opportunities:  Through extracurricular activities, students get ease in the admission into universities. Many colleges are interested in giving admission to students who have more to offer than the good academic record. They want students who can contribute to other areas also. Many students get the scholarship to prestigious colleges due to sports.
There are many ways parents and schools can motivate the child to participate in Extracurricular Activities:
Parents should become the role model for children. Parents must get engage in some group activities. This will help children to emulate their parents.
Parents should always be supportive of the children. And always show them how to improve and lend them a helping hand in the difficult situation.
After all, extracurricular activities pave a path to become better individual!


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