What Course should I choose after my 12th?

It is a really big question for those students who have just passed out standard 12th examinations. Standard 12th is the last standard in school education and a student has to make this big and very important decision that decides the future course of his/her life.

Career Counseling after standard 10th.

In fact, the courses to be chosen by the students are partially decided when he/she chose his/her syllabus stream after standard 10th. This is a turning point most students tend to ignore and choose a stream as per their convenience or the one chosen by his/her friends. Not much attention is paid by the school or the parents to initiate career guidance at this very point of studies. Proper counseling is often ignored at this very crucial juncture of the student’s career and by the time the student passes his/her Standard 12th, half of the career options are closed to the student.

There are mainly three streams of courses offered by all functioning education boards in India to students after their standard 10th. These are Arts, Science and Commerce streams, further diversifying into career courses after standard 12th. So the importance of choosing right stream of syllabus is very high at the time of joining Standard 11th. This choice is fully dependent on the concerned student’s liking in opting for a career. Selection of a wrong stream closes more than half the options of careers that can never be corrected then.

Courses after standard 12th.

The course option depends and differs for each student’s syllabus streams in Standard 12th.

A student having Art stream in 12th standard can pursue his further study in art, humanities, management, media, fashion, journalism and tourism field.

A student having PCB or biology in 12th standard can pursue his further study in medical, pharmacy, science research and all art group fields.

A student having PCM or Math in 12th standard can pursue his further study in engineering & technology, pharmacy, architecture, and all art group fields.

And moreover, students from any of above streams can pursue their further studies in law, management, fashion, textile, social work and library science.

The most important thing about choosing a course after 12th should entirely be at the student’s discretion. His/her personal likings, what he/she enjoys doing as a career should be the deciding factor. The biggest misleading and confusing suggestions are unfortunately from parents, family and friends, who do not know much about the student’s likings. They like imposing their opinions on the students which are often uncompromising and the student unwillingly follows that. This leads to many big follies ultimately ruining the student’s life.

Parents and so called well wishers are also guided by trends. A trend of becoming doctors, becoming engineers, sweeps this society from time to time and many children face failures and disappointments in perusing these trends. This also leads to huge unemployment problem as recently witnessed when a flood of engineers passed out from many private engineering colleges without any jobs.

In choosing a course after standard 12th, please remember to-

  1. Leave the decision on the student and let him decide as per his likings.
  2. Guide the student with the help of a trained career counselor if the student asks for help.
  3. Please do not be guided by what your parents or others want you to do, you decide what you like to do.
  4. Please assess the career or self employment prospects in deciding a course.

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