Dish TV Active Services to Help You Keep Yourself Busy

Dish TV ‘Active’ services are tailor-made for all those who want to enjoy the best pieces of premium content on their TV sets in full HD picture quality and surround sound. All those who wish to move away from the regular TV channels can give Dish TV’s ‘Active’ services a try. These ‘Active’ service brings you a wide set of exciting and interesting shows to watch and explore.

There are several ‘Active’ services that can be subscribed to at affordable prices by all those who wish to explore the very best of Indian, regional, and international entertainment on their TV sets. It does not matter how old or young a person you are, you have a lot of stuff to watch on your TV set if you have a Dish TV set top box at hand.

Here are some of the best Active services that you can use in order to stay busy and entertained:

Korean Dramas Active Service

The ‘Korean Dramas Active’ service is available for streaming on TV at just INR 1.43/day. All those who have a liking for Korean dramas in Hindi can give this ‘Active’ service a try. Yes, you heard that right. The Korean Dramas Active service brings you the best Korean dramas that cut across various genres and sub-genres, such as action, drama, romance and friendship. Get a Dish TV set top box to avail this ‘Active’ service at an affordable price.

Bhakti and Ibadat Active Service

‘Bhakti’ and ‘Idabat’ Active are both available for subscription at just INR 1.43. It is an ad-free service that lets you stream the best devotional songs and programs. ‘Bhakti Active’ is for Hindu listeners, while ‘Ibadat Active’ is for Muslim listeners. All those who are looking to make a pious start to their day need to check this service out without wasting time. Dish TV DTH is the right pick for you if you want to spend some quality time in front of your TV set. There are special programs telecasted on both these channels during the festival season. Dish TV set top box is the right pick for you if you want to spend quality time in front of your TV set.

Lifestyle Active

‘Lifestyle Active’ is a great service that you will enjoy using if you want to work on your emotional and mental wellness. There are several fitness programs that you can watch on your TV set with this ‘Active’ service. There are celebrity tips that you can get your hands on if you want to watch the best fitness shows, home décor shows, child development programs, etc. Get a Dish TV DTH connection right now.

SongDew TV

The SongDew TV is a popular music-oriented service that you can avail if you are a fan of independent music. Songs and tunes created by some of the best independent musicians can be found on this ‘Active’ service. The price for subscribing to this service is just INR .83. Now, that is less than INR 1/day. Go for this DTH service right now and you will be able to listen to the best pieces of independent music on your TV set without any ad-breaks.

Dish TV DTH is the best DTH connection in India. Check out the Dish TV plans that are here to keep the viewers entertained and excited. All those who want to enjoy the best pieces of content on their TV need to check out all of Dish TV’s Active services. Also, there is no dearth of HD TV channels on Dish TV either.

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