What happens to the body after death?

A question that has puzzled humans for time infinite. Everyone is interested to know what is death, what happens to the body after death? There are many related questions haunting humans, such as, what happens to the body in a coffin? What happens to the soul? What happens to the body after burial?

Death is a reality for all of us. But very few people know what happens to our body when we die. There are many theories, but let us stick to pure scientific facts-

What happens to our bodies when we die?

The body cools down rapidly as the heart stops beating and blood circulation is stopped. The body reaches the room temperature. This stage is known as Algor Mortis.

Blood starts coagulating in arteries, veins and capillaries. As a result the entire body stiffens. This stage is called Rigour Mortis and it takes place between 2 to 6 hours after death.

The live bacteria start to break down and putrefy the cells of the body after few days. This stage is called Decomposition.

The color of the body starts changing, first it turns green, then purple and eventually the body becomes black.

The purification of the body by bacteria release sulphurous gases that releases a horrible smell, something similar to rotten eggs.

The body starts bloating, the gases built inside the body as a result of decomposition causes body to expand. The eyes may push out of sockets and the tongue may be forced out of mouth.

The body starts blistering after a week or so. The slightest touch may cause the skin to fall off.

Finally, the hairs, nails will fall off after a month from the body. The internal organs liquefy and the body swells. Then it bursts open leaving nothing but the skeleton behind.

What happens to the  body in a coffin?

The decomposition stages are exactly same as shown earlier. The body decomposes even slower in a casket. It takes longer period to disintegrate as the body is sealed in a casket and is somehow protected from the microorganisms found in soil those help in disintegration of the body. The decomposition of body is only done by bacteria present inside the human body, especially intestine. So the process takes a longer duration of time. An un embalmed dead body takes about ten to twelve years to decompose to the stage of a skeleton in a casket.

What happens to the soul after death

It is completely a hypothesis. There is no proof of a soul in a human body till now. But if we consider the energy that keeps our body alive as soul, it must be simply going out of the body in some other place or plane. Just like electricity going out and the household electrical appliances becoming dead. It is a very confusing subject.

Eventually the dead body is completely vanquished by nature. It is nature’s wonderful way to clean itself. Thus it balances itself against all odds.

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