Types of Computer Repair & Support Technicians

Computer support and repair service requires no real certification process.  Not similar to other professions such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, HVAC companies, computer support & repair is not regulated by any norms so there is a wide range of quality between one computer repair guy and the next. The people often indulged into this type of computer support and repair services are bifurcated into various types some of them are as,

Computer Repair & Support Technicians

Computer Repair Tech1: “Quickie” Technicians

These computer repair and support services are usually found inside large stores.  Occasionally these are usually salespeople who have been given specific training pertaining to specific task to perform a handful of rudimentary technical duties, including “wiping” a machine which means removal of the software, including the operating system and again re-installing it from the beginning. 

This “quickie” approach to computer repair and support services is easy – one does not need to have an expensive, highly experienced technician to do it, thus resulting into cost saving. This is one of the most cheapest and reliable method which is pretty much guaranteed to solve all virus, spyware, data corruption, and other software-based issues.  But like every method it has some downside as well such as someone (often the customer) must reinstall all their applications again, hope their data was backed up properly, and generally spend way too much time trying to get things back to the way they were before the repair. 

Computer Repair Tech 2: The “Stumblers”

The second type of computer repair and support technician called “stumblers” and have some IT experience, but they are not much experienced as professionals. They have big market for their running, half of work is easy and often the same such as running the virus scan, eliminating the findings, rebooting, testing, and moving on.  Typically they are just like advanced computer users having some knowledge of the computer parts and they are working both inside and outside the computer but usually lack of their knowledge as a whole – like maybe they’re great with software, not so good with hardware, or maybe they understand networks but aren’t very comfortable with servers.

These are called stumblers as they stumble through most computer repair and support situations and get a satisfactory result in the end.   Time taken by them in solving out any computer related problem increases because they didn’t really understand or missing some knowledge about something the server is doing. 

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