Why is it Important to Clean Condenser Coils for Condensing Units?

Condenser coils for condensing units demand regular maintenance. For dirt, mites and grime can affect their functionality and cause the entire unit to fall apart. It is advised that you must get them cleaned at least once a year, either yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. The essence of the task has been defined here. Read to know more!

An air conditioner performs a really tough job. It constantly works hard to offer us the coolness and calmness we need in the hard summers of India. But, there are certain things that we miss or avoid paying much attention to. One of these is the built up of dirt on the condenser coils of condenser units. Piling of dirt and grime on the coils make for top reasons behind the failure of many cooling systems. It is, therefore, highly advised that you must yourself or take the help of a professional and get condenser coils cleaned every now and then. For this assures that they remain in good condition and function properly.

What are condenser coils?

Condenser coils are thin tubes affixed in a condenser unit, which in turn, is placed in the outdoor environs. Once the refrigerant present in the condenser coils turns into a gaseous state and collects the heat present in the room, it travels to the outside atmosphere through the condenser coils. Evaporator coils, also a part of the cooling system, on the other hand, helps in passing the cold air inside the room and keep the space cool.

Why is coil cleaning important?

As stated above, coil cleaning is of utmost importance. The reason being, over a period of time, dirt, mites and debris begin to pile up on the outdoor condensing unit and its coils. This, in turn, makes it difficult for the condenser coils perform their function. It becomes harder for them to transfer heat to the outside environs and keep the indoors cool. Also, they began to consume more energy than actually required for the task. If not cleaned from to time, the air conditioner will fail to perform efficiently and eventually give-up or break down completely.

How often must condenser coils be cleaned?

Industry professionals claim that the condenser coils for condensing units must be cleaned at least once in a year. Luckily, there are a number of professional experts available in the market that do coil cleaning and at quite cheap prices.

During maintenance, ensure that the profession or you, whosoever is doing the cleaning task, makes use of cleaning agents that are fit for use and would not, in any manner, harm the coils. Also, straightening out coils that have bent since the last maintenance session is also important. Bent fins, again, can restrict the flow of air, and hence it is vital to keep them straight.

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