How To Decide Whether iPhone 5 Screen Protection Is Required Or Not?

It is kind of a never-ending debate that whether iPhone 5 needs extra screen protection or not, it is still a trending matter. Most of the users do not want any embellishments on their iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is protected with Gorilla glass, though it is sufficient to protect the screen as the drop tests are done, it is found that the Gorilla glass cannot be able to protect the screen from getting damaged. However, many screen protectors companies think that iPhone tempered glass screen protectors are required.

Screen protection put a stop to iPhone scratches severely

Whenever you are away from your home, you carry your iPhone. However, what happens if it falls from your hand or pocket? If this happens then be sure that you do not keep your phone with something that can lead to scratches.  However, is that always possible? It is only possible to avoid the issue by purchasing an iPhone 5 glass screen protector.

Screen protection decrease the chances of smudges and fingerprints

If you have an iPhone then definitely you are going to use it for the entire day. As you are using it every day, you are most likely to leave kinds of oil and other marks on your phone which can affect the screen. So, it is essential that you must use better glass protection for your phone.

Plastic vs. Tempered Glass

You know that most in the market you can get two kinds of screen protection elements- plastic film and tempered glass. For a long time, plastic protectors are available, but they will not protect your phone completely. Also, after few days they easily get a roll up and also your phone will be damaged easily. Thus, using tempered glass for your iPhone not only prevents your phone from scratches but is more resilient as well.

Though tempered glass is not so costly as well and it offers the best kind of resistance to not only your iPhone but also any other type of phone. Moreover, this kind of glass does not take away the actual look of the phone screen after it is installed. Thus, it makes more pleasant to use.

Screen protection will also provide you with resale value

Most of the iPhone users tend to opt for the new version once the new one comes in the market. Thus, if you want to sell your older iPhone, it will not be adequately sold, until the screen is free from scratches.  Hence, if you have no scratches on the same, then you can able to sell the same very easily. The iPhone 5s screen protectors will be able to sustain your resale value.

Tips to choose a screen protector for your phone         

If you have decided to buy a screen protector, then it is also important that you must now concentrate how you should install and choose the same.

Installation process

It depends on the kind of screen protectors you are using. Most of the screen protectors can able to bend so you will not need to tense about the shape. Most of the companies’ assure that they will able to fix it absolutely as per the design of the phone.

Protectors those are perfect for the shape

There are different kinds of screen protectors that are very easy to install, and also the companies provide a bubble-free warranty. They are very easy to install as well as to remove whenever required. Also, this kind of screen protectors can also be cleaned very easily. It can also be installed on any other phone as well.

Dimensions are important

One of the reasons that people must look before opting for a screen protector is that the dimensions of your phone. Make sure that you know it properly and your seller as well. If anything goes wrong with it, the tempered glass will not look it perfect. Also, makes sure about the weight as well, it should not exceed because otherwise, it will increase the weight of the phone as well.

Reflection and Glare

Brightness and visibility is a major factor while choosing the screen protector. Make sure that due to the screen protector your screen of the phone must not get affected. Even during the bright sunny days, you must able to look into the screen properly.

Smooth feel is important

Make sure that after installing the screen protector your fingers must not feel any stroke over the same. Your fingers might feel very delicate and smooth feeling as well. Make sure you must not opt for any rough screen protector.

The size and the fit

A good screen protector must have proper cuttings so that it can hold the phone properly. Also, it is important to find the size and perfect coverage also. If you opt for cheap ones then certainly you will face many problems.

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