What is an AHU and how it matters in the HVAC business

Having the right equipment to support your HVAC business means everything. You can have the best of the brains behind your business but faulty products could bring it all down. Believe it or not, a common leakage is one of the biggest contributors to failing efficiencies in the HVAC business. Of course, you would want to believe that regular maintenance and checks would be enough to cover this gap. One of the most important bits of equipment in the HVAC business is the Air Handling Unit or the AHU.

What is an AHU?

This device regulates and circulates air in the entire heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system. In the simplest term, the AHU is meant to pull in air from outside, have it conditioned into a desired temperature and have it put into the present area.

With such a specific and error free environment of work, there is no room for even the slightest of leaks. Even a tiny leak can cause massive drops in efficiency and that completely ruin your system. The toughest part of them all is to understand what is causing the leak – it could be salt, air, cleansing agents, building materials and so on. Any of this causes can just destroy your business. The moment your AHU coils come in contact with such materials, you would be in the risk of having a leak. This is nightmare to anyone especially if you are executing a project of this scale.

Why does such leaks happen?

Well, to be in the simplest form, it is because of the cost cutting processes that are adopted. Maintenance for example is a huge reason – because the AHU is not a space that is cleaned in deep context very frequently. Maintenance is kept at the bare minimum to clean the coils and the doing this inefficiently can cause all that damage. This apart, the air that you have in the HVAC can be the simplest reason behind any form of corrosion caused leakage. When it has air pollutants, regular maintenance is a must. The moment you have AHUs that are maintained often, you would have

  • Reduction of cooling complaints
  • Better maintained coils and hence chillers are better conditioned
  • Lower energy bills
  • Lastly, happier business and employees.

The most important aspect is to have the right plan to have a better managed office and office space with energy savings. Preventive maintenance would be a great way to take a head start at a better running HVAC. Have all the equipment joint tested and have this done only with trained professionals at all time.

It is of utmost importance to have a efficiently run energy system in your office. The moment you have a corrosion causing agent in the AHU, the coil will bring out a leakage at some stage in the future. So, before you have to deal with expensive energy bills in the future – make it a point to choose the right equipment and also the right maintenance contracts to have a long running system.

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