Charming, Raw and Mesmerising: Revisiting the Rich and Savoury Taste of ‘Barfi’

It has been eight years since ‘Barfi’, a romantic-comedy movie directed by Anurag Basu, released on the big screen. Starring an ever-charming Ranbir Kapoor as the titular character (Murphy ‘Barfi’ Johnson), the movie went on to become one of the most loved Indian movies of all time.

Eight years down the line, the movie’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. A number of critics rate ‘Barfi’ as one of Anurag Basu’s finest works till date. Those wanting to watch the movie one more time should get their Dish TV DTH recharge online.

Here are a few good enough reasons to watch the movie one more time:

A Simple and Innocent Love Story

Countless traces of innocence have been used to ornament this gem of a movie made by Anurag Basu. ‘Barfi’ narrates the tale of a young man’s relationship with a couple of young ladies (played by Ileana D’Cruz and Priyanka Chopra). There’s nothing usual about this love triangle as Ranbir plays a deaf and mute young man, whereas Priyanka Chopra plays a young girl suffering from Autism.

The sequences portraying romance have been shot with the utmost skill and bring out the fragile side of Barfi. His love for Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra) brings a lot of comic flavour into the mix. Also, Ileana D’Cruz does a remarkable job in her Bollywood debut.  Get your Dish TV DTH recharge online to watch this movie like never before.

Ranbir Kapoor and Nothing Else

Ranbir Kapoor is the heart and soul of this very sweet and soulful movie. It is indeed a pleasure to watch a young and charming Ranbir Kapoor romancing Ileana D’Cruz on screen. The movie has numerous heart-warming (and memorable) moments.  There’s a certain sense of innocence that adds to the overall beauty and charm of the movie. He doesn’t speak at all and lets his eyes do the talking (on most occasions).

Some Melodious Tunes

The movie is noted by critics for its melodious music.  The likes of Nikhil Paul George and Arijit Singh have churned out some melodious songs for this very special movie that got nominated for the Oscars. You can listen to all of these songs in full HD quality and surround sound. The song ‘Kyun’, sung by Papon, is one of the major highlights of the movie.

The music of ‘Barfi’ will felt your heart, and will stay with you for a considerable amount of time.  All of the movie’s songs will stay in your playlist for a long-long time.  All of Pritam’s melodious tunes will soothe your senses like no other thing can. Those wanting to treat themselves to some soulful tunes can go for ‘Barfi’ without thinking much. Also, you can use your Dish TV DTH recharge debit card to get your Dish TV account recharged. Catch this movie on Dish TV and keep yourself entertained during your leisure time.

A Romantic Tale Like no Other

‘Barfi’ is not like any other romantic movie. It is a movie that throws ample light on the complexities engulfing relationships. The love triangle portrayed in the movie will leave you spellbound. Also, Priyanka Chopra comes out all guns blazing with an Oscar-worthy performance. Use your Dish TV DTH recharge debit card to get your Dish TV account recharged to enjoy endless TV entertainment.

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