How to Build Career through Competitive Exam

Being employed in the government sector is a chance which has been considered and appreciated by a number of people. And at the same time for the few it really is the attraction of job security, for other people it can be the status related to the career position that plays the role of a encouraging element . Employed in the government sector provides an opportunity to work for society and also assist the people in need. Virtually all extensions in the public sector have relatively good possibilities and also enormous scope. You can start preparing for competitive exam coaching after 12th.

PSU sector careers are available for all of the in various kinds, rankings in hierarchy. You can possibly work for the Central Government or perhaps the Start Governments. You can after that, decide on which section of the govt procedure you might prefer to go for: public sector banks, government schools, administrative offices, etc.

Benefits associated with Govt Job:

There are several attributes of being employed in govt offices. A few of these are:

  • One of the major reasons for desiring to work with the govt is job stability. Govt jobs are recognized to offer job surety as well as constancy whilst enabling anyone to serve a greater cause which is generally straight away connected with the nation one is staying in.
  • With the arrival of 7th pay commission, the paycheck which govt staffs become is at the same level with the private sector.
  • In govt sector jobs, there are actually normal working hours. In case whatsoever circumstance needs a govt staff to work overtime, after that he /she is eligible for appealing overtime advantages.
  • Government job provides financial services too. This consists of home loans at the lower interest rate to the staff from his particular division.
  • For government jobs, lots of benefits for example pension advantages, pension plans and funds exist and moreover benefits such as loans, childcare, etc. are also available.
  • Working form of a govt staff is tranquil and also congenial. Work stress is very less.


1) CIVIL SERVICES: Civil services are the most precious job in India. Almost every Indian educated youth of India aspires to join Civil Services.

  • IAS (Indian Administrative Services) – UPSC exams are the toughest exam. Selection for the job is done through three levels, Prelims – Mains – Interview. The main responsibility of an IAS officer is to maintain law & order, revenue administration, and general administration.
  • IFS (Indian Foreign Services) – IFS officers represent Indian government in foreign land. They are the brand ambassadors of the country. Their responsibilities include maintaining diplomatic relations with other countries.

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